Holston Road, Bledsoe’s Fort Historical Park | Ginger Barber Photography Nashville TN

So, yesterday the children and I went to one of the local forts that are in the area, Bledsoe Fort Park.

We toured around and had some fun,

We came across this awesome little road. An awesome long road. Just wide enough for a wagon.  You can check out more of the information of this historical site at this link. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bledsoe’s_Station )

Holston Road holds so many memories and so many neat little area’s for us to travel down, and think about what those pioneers went through.

Cody and boys checked out a small cabin that I refused to go into. Spiders and all….

Jonah sitting at one of the cabins there. We did not get to go into this one as it was locked.

Then there is Shawn.

Shawn is Casey’s new Beau. He is pretty nice and we kinda like him.

He keeps us entertained.

My favorite face of Shawn. Yes, very entertained I am.

Together, they keep me entertained. I could have watched him chase after her all day

ALL day:)

I have more to come tomorrow.

Just Another Day

So, yesterday I had a day off of work. I actually had 2 off in a row. Neato!

So, what do I do?

I drag the kids to one of my fav camping sites and start shooting them with the Canon….

Of course I decided to play with my very expensive yet, hardly ever used flash.

I need much much more practice with it. But I LOVE it!

I like that there is not a lot of dappled light. it was also pretty cloudy but I liked how this shot came out. I need to work on focusing better too.

Yep, needs lots lots more practice!

I also refuse to pay school prices for pictures when I can take my own, and send them to be printed at cost to me. Instead of the school’s price.

I did not have my lens open enough for this one ( the focal range basically ), but I like the bokah ( the blurred background )

I think I might like flash photography too!


If you know me, you know that family is one of THE most important things to me.

So, over the weekend, our family expanded.

Nope, not pregnant.

Why does everyone assume things?


It expanded. By lots.

It is exciting and scary to meet new people. But, when they are just like the family you already knew….

And, was it me, or did it seem like we have known each other for years?

I mean have spent time with each other for years!

These people are from Jamie’s deceased moms side of the family.

Some family crap years ago made them apart.

NO MORE FAMILY crap ya’ll…

ok so there was a small fight at the get together, but it was minor compared to the fun time we had!

The kids got some new cousins! Casey was just excited there was another girl her age….

Some new funny cousins were had,

One of them even had a icky great Nikon something.

So, they have not seen each other in 30 years or there abouts, Some are even too young to have been to the last…

Some tried to hide from the camera, some just gave in….

Isn’t she a doll?

I would not call these dudes dolls….

All in all, it was a fun time and a great time! I hope and pray we will get together more often then once every 20-30 years…..

Photo shoots

or in other words WHY I am silent!

I am seriously not trying to be!

I have been working mega hours at work, then adding in shoots and then editing times, I have been busy!

I thought I would just show you what I have been doing!

I will also link where I am at as well……

I mean really, how could I pass up shoot with these adorable faces?

Would you?

Here are some more,

Is this not a great looking family? I am so LOVING THEM!!

And, ya know, I could not forget my own right?

I gots to add in one of my womb dwellers at some point in a post, right?

Oh yea, where you can find me…. check in HERE