Holston Road, Bledsoe’s Fort Historical Park | Ginger Barber Photography Nashville TN

So, yesterday the children and I went to one of the local forts that are in the area, Bledsoe Fort Park.

We toured around and had some fun,

We came across this awesome little road. An awesome long road. Just wide enough for a wagon.  You can check out more of the information of this historical site at this link. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bledsoe’s_Station )

Holston Road holds so many memories and so many neat little area’s for us to travel down, and think about what those pioneers went through.

Cody and boys checked out a small cabin that I refused to go into. Spiders and all….

Jonah sitting at one of the cabins there. We did not get to go into this one as it was locked.

Then there is Shawn.

Shawn is Casey’s new Beau. He is pretty nice and we kinda like him.

He keeps us entertained.

My favorite face of Shawn. Yes, very entertained I am.

Together, they keep me entertained. I could have watched him chase after her all day

ALL day:)

I have more to come tomorrow.

Beach Time Preview

Or, is it a tease?

Depends on how you want to look at it.

We had such a horrid day yesterday. As in everyone was fighting and Mama cussed….

Yea, it was THAT bad.

So what does a stressed out mama do with her cubs?

Take them to the beach to just play and have some fun,

and mama can relax in the sand, shooting her chidren….

With the camera, not the gun,

this time.

Yes, thats the girl picking up her almost 14 year old brother….


This was for the 2nd toss into the water.

I will have more as the week goes on.

Is This Thing On?


In other words, am I allowed to post today?

See, we do not have our very own internet here at our home.

So, once in a blue moon,

actually more often then that……

We can piggy back on someone who has forgotten to secure their connection.

So, I am going to take advantage of this wonderful and exciting time and write up a post….

Yea, this is the post. I am not very creative at all.

Aren’t these 2 men cute?

I think they are just to die for.

Ahhh well…………