Review: Saving Memories Forever

First of all, I have to admit, this was hard for me. I am a photographer by nature so I record my memories by photo. And I guess I hope that I will remember who is in the photo, or what the place was that we went to, and what we were doing.

I said all of that to say, I was picked to review Saving Memories Forever. It is a GREAT concept and would be perfect for someone who picks up that tape deck to record what just happened, or what is now a digital recorder. It would be great for someone who might be sick and want their young children to hear their voice. Someone who is maybe auditory. I am not. I have to visualize things.

Saving Memories Forever is easy to use. You can use it on your phone, at least if you have an Android or an Apple phone. Or, if you do not have a smart phone and you can go right to their website and save your memories from there.

Best Method: Saving Memories Forever Smartphone Apps: The iPhone and Android apps lead you through the recording process and provide you with a list of questions which are helpful when interviewing relatives. When finished with the recording, press the Upload Button and your story will upload to the Saving Memories Forever website. See the Quick Start Guide for the iPhone and Android apps below.

Alternate Method: Saving Memories Forever Website

*  To record and upload stories directly from your computer, your

stories need to be recorded in an MP3 format. Please refer to our

Quick Start Guide listed below.

*  Use Saving Memories Forever Online User Manual which goes

beyond the basics to describe the features of the program in detail.

Please refer to our User Manual listed below.

*  Use our list of questions. See the Suggested Questions links

below. These questions match those we have provided on the

Saving Memories Forever smartphone apps. Using these questions

ensures that you will follow the organizational practices that

    Saving Memories Forever recommends. Don’t worry, you can

always ask your own questions when recording.


Basically, you just talk into your phone, tell a story of what you were doing, what you have done in the past, what you want someone to remember your for. A story you would include might be the birth stories of your children, when they fell and cracked their head open and needed 30 stitches on their head the day you were to have a funeral for your mom. ( cue Jonah).

Saving Memories Forever have 2 ways of how you can do it. You can do it for free, and they have a monthly access way. Still quite affordable at $3.99 a month. You can find out what the differences are here.

Saving Memories Forever has been found in Home School Enrichment Magazine, as well as popular bloggers out there.

All in all, it is a great program. It is just not something I will use to save my memories.
I think the company says it all right here….
“Saving Memories Forever helps families record, save, and share family memories “one story at a time”.


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Memories and The King of Thieves





Making memories seems to be the theme for the weekend.
So, I’m going to go ahead and add into that.
For as long as I can remember, my children have slept in the living room on Friday nights.
At first, it was all 4.
Now, it’s just the boys.
Which suits them just fine.
No one has to share a couch, or the floor.
I wish, I could move the pics so they can be throughout the post. But can’t on my phone.
So enjoy.

They are/were watching Alladin and The King of Thieves.