Putting on the Spirit Review and Giveaway

Putting on the Spirit

“Putting On the Spirit” is a wonderful and quick devotion that a busy mom can handle. We moms, have enough on our plate and fitting God in there somewhere is hard. Well Katie Hornor made it easy. 10 simple minutes a day. Surely we can find the time for that right? I know for me, when I rise up in the morning, it is the best time for me. It is on my Kindle, so that makes it very easy to read it while I am waiting for the morning light to come across the sky. Or, while I am waiting for a kid to come out of the shower. Or, I fit it in while I am making breakfast. 10 minutes ladies.

Katie used the KJV, which for ME, that is important due to my personal convictions. It is pretty hard out there to find a devotion using only the KJV. So, this has been right up my alley.
Katie takes us right through the Fruits of the Spirit that brings about Godliness in us moms. Love, Joy, Peace, long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and lastly, Temprence.
I have been struggling a lot with my faith and struggling with fitting time in for God each day. This devotion has helped me get back into my groove so to speak.
Katie said it very well in her introductions,

I know I should be putting on the Spirit instead of robbing myself in the cape of my own strength, but I just don’t have the time”.

One of my favorite quotes from the Putting on the Spirit devotional is this,

When we choose to maintain a right attitude and to recognize God as the strength giving God of our present circumstances, and when we recognize that he lovingly arranged this circumstance so that he can walk with us through it, that realization brings joy.

It is an answer to a question that was posed in Putting on Joy Day 6,  There is joy in weakness. The question is, How can we find joy in being weak?

Another day that blessed me is day 15, where Katie talks about Goodness. A statement she used was, Being right does not equal being good. Profound huh, it was for me too. Often times, I sit at my computer listening to a conversation on the phone, or I read something on Facebook, or I am in a store and I see these moms that are so patient, so gentle, so into their children. I feel like I am not at all a good mom. I have made a ton of mistakes with raising my children. I have been way too harsh where gentleness needed to be there. Or, because we allowed a certain thing in our home, my children are glued to it. I compare myself to other moms. You do it too I am sure, right? A good mom does not stumble with her children. She does not yell etc. right? Well, we do know those are the lies of Satan.

I won’t go into too many more details as I want you to go and buy her book.
You can find her book, here, on Amazon. After buying her e-book, you can go to her website here, and grab the free workbook that goes along with it. It is a pdf that you can print out to use as you go through the devotional. You can also find the Spanish version here.
A bit about Katie, from her website;

I imagine myself to be the proud owner of a pet elephant who paints, and a librarian of a ginormous library, see the ones that inspire me here!

But in real life, I am daughter by adoption to the King of Heaven and the best friend, traveling and learning companion, and lover to my missionary husband, Hero, since 2003.

I am also mother, cook, story teller, housecleaner, nurse, cuddler and teacher to four wonderful children whom we call TazSirFlower &Butterfly (Read what I love about each of them). AND we have a Baby on the way!

Katie is so super sweet and you can find her at any one or all of these places below:

Katie Hornor


blog facebookhttp://facebook.com/paradisepraises

personal FBhttp://facebook.com/katie.hornor

twitterhttp://twitter.com/paradisepraises  (@ParadisePraises)




Spanish blog/radiohttp://educandoenelhogar.com

Spanish blog FBhttp://facebook.com/educandoenelhogar

Spanish bookstorehttp://Lemonhass.com

Spanish bookstore FBhttp://facebook.com/lemonhass

Spanish bookstore twitterhttp://twitter.com/lemonhass (@Lemonhass)

So, now about the giveaway! I am giving away ONE pdf copy of Putting on the Spirit by Katie Hornor. All you have to do is answer this question in the comment section, What fruit of the Spirit do you struggle with? Easy, right? I will be choosing a name on Friday, December  20th at 9pm.
I seriously loved this devotional and plan on doing it again starting soon. I struggle with ALL the fruits. So, enter and win a FREE copy of her e-book! You can mail it to yourself to put on Kindle, or print it out. I did it both ways.

Putting on the Spirit



100 Likes Giveaway

So, as promised, here is the 100 likes giveaway post!
I am excited to be doing my first giveaway on here!

What do you win? You get to win a $5.00 gift card to Amazon! I will email it to the winner as soon as I get confirmation of the winner.  I made it pretty easy to win.

Leave a comment on this blog post about what your favorite season is and why.

My favorite season has to be Fall. I LOVE the colors that God paints our world.

Fall 2012

The leaves, the animals, everything about this season I love.

I especially love the smell of the wood stoves, or fireplaces being used in the evenings.
Fall Wood

I have yet to meet someone who does not love the smell of a fireplace being fueled by wood.

We have a fireplace now, though we need to get the chimney cleaned before we can do it. And, it is not made to heat our home. It is basically a usable fireplace, but only for looks. But, we will get wood for it and use it when the mood strikes us.

So, I know the gift card amount is not more than what it is. But as I grow, so will the prizes. So, hopefully my next giveaway will be even better!

So good luck to you!

Finding Time

How do you find time to do all that you do?
I struggle with time management. I really do. For instance, I have 7 tabs open on my Chrome browser. Four of those browsers are for Facebook. One for this page. Another is for an author page I am working on a book launch/review with. Then, the last tab I have open is for a review company I have been with since 2002.  I wonder if I have ADD?  Oh yea, I am listening to a message about lying and it is on Lifechurch.tv. Not my usual cup of church. I tend to navigate towards IFB ( Independent Fundamental Baptist )
I am also spending time with a Jacks that keeps coming up to me in the office and wants to be picked up and spin in Nana’s chair. Or, I am fixing the Kindle for her, either putting on a drawing ap, or the piano ap, or putting on the Veggie Tale movie we have on there for her.
I tend to not stick with a schedule, though, I do better on them. But tell me I need to be up at 6 am, or even by 9am and I will laugh at you, unless I HAVE to get up at that time for something that is beyond my control.

So, you can surmise that spending time with God is not first on my list. I am ashamed to say that. I always make these huge plans on reading through the bible in a year at the beginning of each year. I tell myself each night as I go to sleep that I will get up, and I will pray and I will read some scripture. Instead, I get up each day, I grab my phone, I click on the alarm and shut it off. I then head to Facebook to see what is going on in the world. Yuck!
I know, I heard you. Bad Ginger. Truth be told, I bet you do it too.

I know I don’t have to wake up and pray. Prayer is good no matter the time. However, I want to put on the whole armor of God right away. So, I can be ready for the day. Any good suggestions? Let me know in the comments please!

Finding time to bake and cook. How does one do that? I LOVE cooking and baking. I will be making time for that. What is a blog without a cooking section?

I figured out a lot of my issue is with Facebook. I LOVE reading about other how other folks are spending their day. Or reading some newsworthy items. But, I tend to get involved with debates. I also tend to post silly stuff. So that said, time on FB is going to be severely limited. Plus, I am cutting my FB down to whatever helps me grow as a Christian, an AVON rep, or a blogger.  I will keep various friends and family. But will be limiting my time on that. Most of them really do not post like I do. I am sure there are those that have limited my postings. I tend to post things that are very political and religious that does not really help anything other than getting me tagged as a pain.

I spend far too much time doing things I should not be, and not enough time what I should be doing. So, if you don’t hear from me, especially on FB, you now know why. I have much to be doing, much to look forward to. Spending time on the computer other than for work is not a good idea. I will continue to blog, I will continue to do all my other commitments. I love blogging. I have a few blog posts in mind. I have a few idea’s running through my head. Some will be ignored. Others will not like what I post. And well others, they might go well. We shall see.

Slowing Down

Every once in a while, a mama has to slow down. She has to enjoy what God has given her.

Enjoy playing with my dogs and boys is one of those things He has graciously gave me on this earth.

I LOVE my dogs.

Suzi and Sam are their names. Sam is Suzi’s son. Suzi is my baby 
dog. Yea, she is my dog. She is about 8 years old this month. In 7 days to be exact. Not that I keep track. Not that I am planning on making her a cake. Not that she will get a piece of chocolate.
Sampson, or, Sam for short, is Suzi’s son. We bred her to a really dumb dog, and we got him. A very smart dog.

We went YEARS people, YEARS without knowing she and he both love the frisbee. YEARS!!!

I am so sorry Suzi! We did not know. I would have bought you one a long time ago.
Seriously. I would have.
A nice pretty pink one.
Pink Camo….
Sorry that would be the color of the gun I want to buy for myself.
I would have bought you a pretty pink frisbee.
Sam never does get anything we toss to them. Never.
He runs for it, a ball, frisbee, a stick, or even a rock.
Yes, a rock.
But, he never does get it. He just does not dare too.
You see, Suzi is the queen. She is number 1. Uno.
Suzi will yell at ya. Or Sam in this case.
Poor guy, Suzi is forever getting after him.
He loves it.
Slowing down means to check out the Sunsets.
Especially if they are from your new home.
IMG_0144 copy
So majestic. So beautiful. I adore sunsets and you might see lots of them on this blog.
I take lots pictures of sunsets.
IMG_0137 copy
I even make a kid stand a certain way so I can catch it on his glasses.
Yes, I did do that.
See that dark thing above the lips?
My man-child has a ‘stash. A MOUSTACHE PEOPLE!!!!!
Seriously. there will be a post about that in the next couple of days.

Why do they have to grow?
Why can they not just stay young and so cute? WHY?
He is the worlds best grilled cheese maker.

So, slowing down from packing, moving, and unpacking was a much needed item for me. Now, I need to go and find and put away the rest of my kitchen and finish the bathrooms.

Anyway, keep watching the blog for updates for me. I will be posting a WHOLE lot more.


First, a grilled cheese.



11 Years, and Some Reflection

WOW, we just celebrated our 13th anniversary a few months ago. I love this man, Just another re-blog of a post I did. Working on getting this blog up and running again. Almost moved.

The last 11 years of my life, have been such a whirlwind. One minute I am in my poorly made wedding dress, running late to the park because of waiting for someone to get her hair done, and it was not me. I kept thinking that day how much my feet hurt, and I hoped that the seams on the dress wouldn’t rip apart like the buttons had already started to do. I get ahold of my dad’s arm, and he tells me he loves me and how much he loves me. I remember being thankful that I had both my parents there on this monumental day. Though they were not married any longer, and had not been since I was 7, they were there to support me. My mom was running around making sure the pizza was warm and the cokes sodas were all nestled in their bed of ice. She stayed clear of the hot chicken wings and instead stuck her finger into the mild sauce, just to taste to see if it was warm.
I remember looking down the aisle to the wild-looking man. He still had hair, though it was starting to get that circle of baldness in the back. He was there with the Justice of the Peace. ( we so will not get into WHY I did not have the minister that was supposed to perform the ceremony.) My 3 bridesmaids were there, and the 3 grooms men. I had two flower girls and of course 2 ring bearers. Such a big party for such a small wedding.  All waiting for me to walk down the cement aisle and take my stand at the front. I walked with my dad and he reminded me, if I did not want to get married, we could turn around. I said no, this is what I want. So, we walked.
That day, July 21, 2001, will live forever in my mind. Not because I hated my dress and my shoes. Or that I was late. I won’t remember that day because of the people that were there or the music that was played.
I will remember that day, because it was the day I married Jamie. the man who God intended for me.  This man took in a woman with two children that were not his, and gave us a home that day. He never turned his back on us. He became Daddy that day to a little girl who at that point had gone through so much in her short 6 years of life. And to a small blond, curly-haired tan little 13 month old. They became his children. The ones when he came home from work would go running to him to put their dirty hands all over.
That day, I became a mom of not just 2 littles, but to 3. See, Jamie had an almost 5-year-old son from a previous marriage. Cody came to me as a wild little man who was such an early bird. Oh my, I remember  getting up at 4am with him. It was so tough those early few months after the wedding. It took us six months to train him to be quiet and stay in bed. See, that same wedding night, we quickly went from a family of 5, to a family of 6.

July 21, 2001 will forever live in my mind as the day I married my best-friend. Though at the time, I am sure we did not really consider ourselves that. I still liked my time and he liked his time. We fought, a lot. I got sick with PPD right after Jonah that lasted a couple of years.

But, as time wears on, we, have stood the test of time. His family did not think we would stay together. At all.

But, here we are, 11 years later, strong as ever.

We live in upper middle TN and just love it here. My husband is my best friend, and I am his. We both are in church with our 4 children and now our granddaughter. We are a family. As a family, we love God. We, as a family can not wait to really start serving Him. Only reason Jamie and I are still a team is because of Him. All honor and praise goes to Christ alone.