Lots of Going Ons.

So, I have been working behind the scenes on something fun. Learning some new things.
And, in a few weeks, we will all get to travel there, together.
I would love to tell you we are that we are going to Paris,  or Belize. Maybe a trip to Hawaii or a cruise to Alaska. Though, I so would not want to do that this time a year. Can you say Titanic?
I so would love take a trip to the mountains here in Kentucky or even head south some and go to the Mountains in Tennessee.

So, where are we going? We are going to to a new home. A new blog home.
So speaking of the new blog. What would you like to see there? I would love some input from you. So come on and give me some ideas. PLEASE??


I am so glad I took the leap and got back into blogging again. I have missed it. A lot.


Not so Wordless Wednsday.

So, today is not so wordless.
Yes, I have a photo, yes, it tells a story.

But, I have to tell you where I got my action for Photoshop to use on my image.

Coffee Shop. Yes, you know where you sit around and discuss the daily happenings in your life? Well, we photographers sit around various blogs and discuss or daily photographing.  One blog, has been a great help to many who are just starting out, or just so busy they don’t have time to do their own actions.

See actions in Photoshop help so much. They are a time saver. For me, if I have a certain way I want my image to look and I am not sure how to get it there. I may use an action. I try to learn. But, who has 40 hours a day to earn how to use their program? Mine is OLD.

Ginger Barber Photography

So, I saw this look in my mind’s eye. I set out to recreate it. But, during one of my moments of doing too many things at once, I read a blog post from the Coffee Shop. It had the right look I was going for! So, since her actions are FREE, I downloaded this action and used it.  I did not use the matte part of the action as when I applied it, it was not what I wanted on this image. However, I did use the rest. I love it! Now hurry along and check out the rest of Rita’s site. She has many things for both Lightroom users as well as Element users!

By the way, some of you might remember Rita from this here diaper website.

No, Rita has no clue I was going to write about her, I am in no way affiliated with her or her websites. I just thought I would share something that I love.


Same Old Blog….

It is the same old blog, with the same old thoughts. I decided I want to resurrect the thing, give new life. So, I gave it a new name. I am not sure what I will be blogging about, but with moving to a new area, and again, a new state. I am sure I can come up with something. Some of what I hope to be doing is changing how we do some stuff. I plan on going back to the basics. Eating what we grow, or what we can get from someone else’s garden via farmer markets and co-ops. I also plan on be a miss susie-homemaker again. Again, for health reasons, as well as because I just can not go back and work a regular job. We will be living 20 15 minutes away from the nearest store. So, running to the store is going to be a thing of the past. Plus, at the moment, we are back to a one car family. Hopefully only for a wee bit. I can not stand be stranded. Since I am so erratic, and I never know which way my thoughts are going to take me, I decided to just go with a catch-all kind of name! Kind of fits me, ya know? So, tell me what you think? Like the name?


Review: Fat Birds Design Free Blogger Planner

So, over the last month, I have been reviewing this very easy blogger planner. If you are a blogger like I am, It does help to use a planner. Since I have never used one before, and at the time I needed to print this out, my printer was on the fritz, I went with a simple one.

Simple is good. Okay! Simple is GOOD!

I like simple.

I put it in one of those prong type folders.

You know, the 2 sided pocket folder with the middle with the 3 prongs. No need for a big fat binder. I printed off 3 sheets, for the next 3 months. I still have to add in note-book paper.

Fat Birds Design Free Blog Planner

I still have to add a photo to this post. I was going to add in my photo of it in use, and I am using it. Just have not had time to get one done. Need to make a note of that.

Anyways, I figure, I can add in notes as I need to, it is not taking up a ton of space. It is just chilling on top of my sewing machine cover waiting for me to put it away next to some other stuff on my dresser. Which reminds me, I need to clean my room.

Is there a list for that?

I wonder.

Fat Birds Design Blog Planner is easy. It is simple. It has 4 weeks on one sheet of paper. At this time in my blogging, I really do not need a more in-depth blog planner. There are many out there and Google is your best friend.

Did I tell you, it was free AND simple??

Two of my favorite words! Together, in a sentence.

I know, I can not believe it either!

So head over to check it out, click here. Let her know I sent you.

No, you do not get anything special. No prizes or discounts.

Free is Free,



Now for the small words: Please click above on my disclosure tab above. Basically it says, these are my thoughts and not of the company that I reviewed the item for. Blah Blah Blah….. I was not paid for this review. I do get to keep using the free blog planner and plan on it.


Mosiac Review



I don’t even know why I even have a blog. It is not like I really use the thing anymore. I hardly even read. I just get on Facebook these days, get the scoop and leave my own. Facebook is such a time draw and when I am done on there, there is not enough time left for me to blog, and to read other blogs.
I have thought of leaving Facebook, but, that is where my friends are, my children have accounts on there, and so does my husband. My external family is there as well. I am apart of a few groups, and love going and visiting.

But, I do miss blogging which I am sure is why I even still have a blog open. I had taken down photo’s of my granddaughter but will be putting those posts back up again soon. I will have an update on her soon as well with a beautiful current photo my cell can provide LOL.
I think I might have something to say, but I know I have lost several readers and even Facebook friends due to some of the stances I take or opinions I have. While I am ok with that, I feel as if I almost don’t have readership anymore. I am who I am. But, I am also trying to do some personal changes. I want to be more meek, and more quiet. I want people to look at me, or even after talking with me, I want them to think that this chick knows Christ and loves Christ. Right now, I have done so much damage to my testimony that I can understand why a lot of folks just no longer like me. If they dislike me, why do would they even bother reading me.
I want to be more Christ-like. Keep me in prayer will you? My anniversary of my day of Salvation is coming up and that excites me. I will hopefully write more about why I am excited about that.

Anyways, If you even read, thank you, if you are new, I hope I will begin to write more, so save my link somewhere and stop by and visit.