Saving Money, Surveys, Coupons, Oh My…

So, now that I am home full-time, or unless God tells us otherwise. I have been trying to find ways to make money from home, saving as much money as possible, and still live how we want or as close.
No, I am not meaning, being able to run to the store whenever I want to buy whatever we want, but being able to pay our bills on time, and buying our needs. We have/ are still going through what are the must haves to do’s each month such as rent, water, electric, van insurance,  and phone bill. Those are the we have to pay for this each month. Jamie and I want to start tithing as well starting in Jan. Well, it is not a want, it is what we ARE going to do. We know this is what God would want us to do. So, we are stepping out in faith and will be doing this.

I have been doing surveys. Do they bring in a lot of money, no, but I earn points and with those points I can turn them around and use them for gift cards at Amazon, or Starbucks, or even Itunes. I have been paid in cash by a couple of them as well, well a check that I can cash.  I will add links to some of the surveys sites that I have been getting paid through. I know they work.

Viewpoint Forum Now, I am not sure if they are taking new people. All I know is that I can not refer new people anymore. I have been with them since 2002 and probably get about 12 dollars a quarter. I have also done many product testing for them as well. I wish I could tell you what, but that would go against their TOS so I can not.

And these are survey sites I am working through and have done a few surveys. I have not redeemed my points but know folks that have.

Myview leave me a message in the comments and your email if you want a referral. I could not find a link I could use to refer from a link.


A couple other sites I use that I have gotten either cash from or points and been able to redeem them for things like Amazon gift cards or even paypal cash.


Jingit if you are a friend of mine, I do post this on Facebook and that is the only way I can get referrals at the moment. Please  get me to refer you that way! This shows you video’s and you get paid to watch them. You can earn 5$ a week or more depending on how many referrals you get for yourself after you join!

Those are just some of the many that are online. I must admit, since I started writing this post on 1/4/2012, I have not been diligent in using the survey sites. They do take time.  Facebook has been eating up that time I have to admit. ( working on that)

Now coupons, I have been getting more diligent on using those. I only print those that I know I will use, or those that I know will be a money-maker. I also get a couple of papers each week. One or two that I buy and my neighbor usually has one for me. I cut only those that I will use, and those that I know will be a money-maker. It has been a learning process.  I do not have a stock pile as some do, but I am starting to gather stuff that we use the most of. Learning what I have stocked we never use, and just getting used to what is going on.

So, this is some of what goes on, any questions ask away in the comments and I will get back to you!


Who Likes Give-aways!?

I certainly do, and since we are finding ourselves in strange territory again, I need to step up on trying to make money, trying to save money and trying to pay the bills while my husband goes to school ( which I am very proud of him as he has a nice GPA!)

Single Mom Saving Money is having a giveaway. Not just any old giveaway, she is doing a coupon organizer giveaway! I think we all can use one of those. I know I can. I bet you can too! So, let’s hop on over there, and do what you need to do to get an entry!

Free Money

No, I do not own a money tree, if I did, I might or might not share with you.


If it was a good producer, I so would split with a sucker for you!


So, you want some free money right?


We at Couponing, Frugal, & Freebie Loving are having another give away.

No, it is not another organizer. Sorry.

Nor is it real money.

I would have to keep the green backs, sorry.

But, it is an envelope full of wonderful coupons that expire in July or later.

Want to enter?

Easy to do!

2 things,

Like our page

The share our page on your wall simply by putting the @Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving on to your wall page.

Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know you did it.

Only one comment needed,  Thanks!


Watch for comments on the page regarding this give away and what is inside your envelope as it is still being put together!

Winner IS:

The winner is Amy, I will email you shortly for your address!!

I had Casey write down the names in order of the comments. As you can see, there are a couple that did all 3 things and some did 2 and some did only 1.  I then put in the information into the random number generator and it picked 11.

So Amy, Congrats! I will get this out to you as soon as I get your address!!!