Slowing Down

Every once in a while, a mama has to slow down. She has to enjoy what God has given her.

Enjoy playing with my dogs and boys is one of those things He has graciously gave me on this earth.

I LOVE my dogs.

Suzi and Sam are their names. Sam is Suzi’s son. Suzi is my baby 
dog. Yea, she is my dog. She is about 8 years old this month. In 7 days to be exact. Not that I keep track. Not that I am planning on making her a cake. Not that she will get a piece of chocolate.
Sampson, or, Sam for short, is Suzi’s son. We bred her to a really dumb dog, and we got him. A very smart dog.

We went YEARS people, YEARS without knowing she and he both love the frisbee. YEARS!!!

I am so sorry Suzi! We did not know. I would have bought you one a long time ago.
Seriously. I would have.
A nice pretty pink one.
Pink Camo….
Sorry that would be the color of the gun I want to buy for myself.
I would have bought you a pretty pink frisbee.
Sam never does get anything we toss to them. Never.
He runs for it, a ball, frisbee, a stick, or even a rock.
Yes, a rock.
But, he never does get it. He just does not dare too.
You see, Suzi is the queen. She is number 1. Uno.
Suzi will yell at ya. Or Sam in this case.
Poor guy, Suzi is forever getting after him.
He loves it.
Slowing down means to check out the Sunsets.
Especially if they are from your new home.
IMG_0144 copy
So majestic. So beautiful. I adore sunsets and you might see lots of them on this blog.
I take lots pictures of sunsets.
IMG_0137 copy
I even make a kid stand a certain way so I can catch it on his glasses.
Yes, I did do that.
See that dark thing above the lips?
My man-child has a ‘stash. A MOUSTACHE PEOPLE!!!!!
Seriously. there will be a post about that in the next couple of days.

Why do they have to grow?
Why can they not just stay young and so cute? WHY?
He is the worlds best grilled cheese maker.

So, slowing down from packing, moving, and unpacking was a much needed item for me. Now, I need to go and find and put away the rest of my kitchen and finish the bathrooms.

Anyway, keep watching the blog for updates for me. I will be posting a WHOLE lot more.


First, a grilled cheese.




Bringing up some old posts to get my blog moving. Boy, I remember this post. So scared I was/still am. Amazing how fast time flies. Lot’s to blog about once we get moved. For now, enjoy! 2 years to the date I wrote this post. Jacks is here and well and growing like a weed.

However one puts it, I am scared.

Running for the hills kinda scared. How does a mama like me, still young, have a grandchild on the way?

After all I am just 29 years old.


Oh fine.


Yes, I am telling the truth this time.

How do I grandparent a child and not screw this little one up like I screwed up her/his mother?

We flip flopped over the years most of my readers know. We have worn just jeans and tshirts, to wearing dresses only, to covering our heads and wearing mostly homemade clothing to wearing dresses and skirts and not cover, to wearing pants again. I do wear mostly skirts, but you will find me in a pair of jeans here and there.

We have been tv, no tv and thrown everything out, to tv, to no tv and throwing everything out again, and to tv again.

We have not homeschooled, homeschooled, not, again, and then just some, to 3/4 now.

Do you have whiplash now?


Anyways, I do not think I am qualified to be a good grandmother, however, this kid is stuck with me. And since the other side is staying away, I just might this kid’s only grandmother. Sad, but true.

So, Lord willing, even with all of my screw-ups, this baby will grow up and we will help Casey train up her child in the way she/he should go!

18 and Life

Is now just beginning for my daughter. Well, sorta. As a teen parent, her life as an adult began the day she gave birth to her daughter Jacklynn. But now as a legal adult, she can legally set out in this world to accomplish many a great thing. Or, she can choose to sit on behind and do nothing.

To be honest, I did not see her life come to this point. But, she has a strong will power. She can use that for a number of things. She can finish her getting her high school education by grabbing her GED and head off to a local college to get her degree in nursing, she can find a job and work till she can afford to move to an area that she rather go to school in, or just work. All of which are acceptable to me and her dad. What is not acceptable is not living for Christ.

Now to be honest and fair, Jamie and I have not been the model parents for someone to want to follow Christ. We have failed terribly. We have run the whole gamut of Christianity. We have not at all lived like Christians. We have been the Sunday only Christians, and we have pretended to be Christians in hoping it would stick. As parents, we have done a great disservice to Casey and her brothers. We never set a high standard to achieve. We did not make them read their bibles or even attend church. We were what the church calls a dead Christian. We are saved and I know that Casey is saved. I know she has a home in heaven.

I want to publicly apologize to my daughter.  I have ruined her life. I was not a great mother. I did not protect her from certain things and we allowed far too much of the world in our home. For that, I am so sorry Casey. To you and to your brothers. I know I have told that to them, but now I am telling the world that I am a bad mom.

Casey is 18 today.

She is still my princess. I can still see in my mind’s eye, Casey at 2 looking at me with her hands on her hips telling me, ” my name is NOT Casey, it is Princess.”  Casey said, she was the princess of the world. She was and is still the princess of my world. I would do anything to help her to overcome the stigma of being a teen mom. I would gladly take away any tears she might shed. I love her so very much. I know she can do so much in this life for Christ, and for her daughter. I pray daily for her to walk the right road, to not follow in my footsteps. To want better for herself and her daughter. I pray daily for a Godly young man to walk into Casey’s life.

I pray daily for her and I to become close. We do not have a close relationship and that I am afraid is my fault. I am more like my mom than I care to admit. My mom was not the nurturing type. She was happy to just sit in front and watch the tv. I am not a big tv watcher, but there are other things I have put in front of God and my children. All that has been ending and I am sorry that it has taken this long.

Ginger Barber Photography | Senior PhotoI totally monopolized this post about things that don’t really matter to anyone but myself. Today is Casey’s birthday. For dinner, we are eating fried chicken, mashed potato’s, flaky biscuits  and fruit of some sort. She gets to hang out for the last time of her life at our house and do nothing. See, the kids in our home, on their birthdays do not have to do anything. No chores, no cooking, no cleaning, no schoolwork and such. It is a good day for them.

If you think of it, pray for her! Pray that she will get on fire for God. Get on fire for being a good mama. Pray for her to do well with whatever she decides to do.

Dear Casey…

I love you more than you will ever know. You are my Princess and my firecracker. You can make me smile on the bleakest days. I love you!