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We are moving over to the new blog home on Saturday, so, I will be on a blogging break till then! I am super excited to be sharing my new website with you. While it is not complete right now, you can go on ahead and check it out! I will be posting here the winner from my blog post this morning. However, I will not be blogging anymore from here.
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Come on over. Nothing is there yet, but it will be slowly each day till we are LIVE on Saturday the 21st.

Putting on the Spirit Review and Giveaway

Putting on the Spirit

“Putting On the Spirit” is a wonderful and quick devotion that a busy mom can handle. We moms, have enough on our plate and fitting God in there somewhere is hard. Well Katie Hornor made it easy. 10 simple minutes a day. Surely we can find the time for that right? I know for me, when I rise up in the morning, it is the best time for me. It is on my Kindle, so that makes it very easy to read it while I am waiting for the morning light to come across the sky. Or, while I am waiting for a kid to come out of the shower. Or, I fit it in while I am making breakfast. 10 minutes ladies.

Katie used the KJV, which for ME, that is important due to my personal convictions. It is pretty hard out there to find a devotion using only the KJV. So, this has been right up my alley.
Katie takes us right through the Fruits of the Spirit that brings about Godliness in us moms. Love, Joy, Peace, long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and lastly, Temprence.
I have been struggling a lot with my faith and struggling with fitting time in for God each day. This devotion has helped me get back into my groove so to speak.
Katie said it very well in her introductions,

I know I should be putting on the Spirit instead of robbing myself in the cape of my own strength, but I just don’t have the time”.

One of my favorite quotes from the Putting on the Spirit devotional is this,

When we choose to maintain a right attitude and to recognize God as the strength giving God of our present circumstances, and when we recognize that he lovingly arranged this circumstance so that he can walk with us through it, that realization brings joy.

It is an answer to a question that was posed in Putting on Joy Day 6,  There is joy in weakness. The question is, How can we find joy in being weak?

Another day that blessed me is day 15, where Katie talks about Goodness. A statement she used was, Being right does not equal being good. Profound huh, it was for me too. Often times, I sit at my computer listening to a conversation on the phone, or I read something on Facebook, or I am in a store and I see these moms that are so patient, so gentle, so into their children. I feel like I am not at all a good mom. I have made a ton of mistakes with raising my children. I have been way too harsh where gentleness needed to be there. Or, because we allowed a certain thing in our home, my children are glued to it. I compare myself to other moms. You do it too I am sure, right? A good mom does not stumble with her children. She does not yell etc. right? Well, we do know those are the lies of Satan.

I won’t go into too many more details as I want you to go and buy her book.
You can find her book, here, on Amazon. After buying her e-book, you can go to her website here, and grab the free workbook that goes along with it. It is a pdf that you can print out to use as you go through the devotional. You can also find the Spanish version here.
A bit about Katie, from her website;

I imagine myself to be the proud owner of a pet elephant who paints, and a librarian of a ginormous library, see the ones that inspire me here!

But in real life, I am daughter by adoption to the King of Heaven and the best friend, traveling and learning companion, and lover to my missionary husband, Hero, since 2003.

I am also mother, cook, story teller, housecleaner, nurse, cuddler and teacher to four wonderful children whom we call TazSirFlower &Butterfly (Read what I love about each of them). AND we have a Baby on the way!

Katie is so super sweet and you can find her at any one or all of these places below:

Katie Hornor


blog facebook

personal FB

twitter  (@ParadisePraises)




Spanish blog/radio

Spanish blog FB

Spanish bookstore

Spanish bookstore FB

Spanish bookstore twitter (@Lemonhass)

So, now about the giveaway! I am giving away ONE pdf copy of Putting on the Spirit by Katie Hornor. All you have to do is answer this question in the comment section, What fruit of the Spirit do you struggle with? Easy, right? I will be choosing a name on Friday, December  20th at 9pm.
I seriously loved this devotional and plan on doing it again starting soon. I struggle with ALL the fruits. So, enter and win a FREE copy of her e-book! You can mail it to yourself to put on Kindle, or print it out. I did it both ways.

Putting on the Spirit


Lots of Going Ons.

So, I have been working behind the scenes on something fun. Learning some new things.
And, in a few weeks, we will all get to travel there, together.
I would love to tell you we are that we are going to Paris,  or Belize. Maybe a trip to Hawaii or a cruise to Alaska. Though, I so would not want to do that this time a year. Can you say Titanic?
I so would love take a trip to the mountains here in Kentucky or even head south some and go to the Mountains in Tennessee.

So, where are we going? We are going to to a new home. A new blog home.
So speaking of the new blog. What would you like to see there? I would love some input from you. So come on and give me some ideas. PLEASE??


I am so glad I took the leap and got back into blogging again. I have missed it. A lot.

Not so Wordless Wednsday.

So, today is not so wordless.
Yes, I have a photo, yes, it tells a story.

But, I have to tell you where I got my action for Photoshop to use on my image.

Coffee Shop. Yes, you know where you sit around and discuss the daily happenings in your life? Well, we photographers sit around various blogs and discuss or daily photographing.  One blog, has been a great help to many who are just starting out, or just so busy they don’t have time to do their own actions.

See actions in Photoshop help so much. They are a time saver. For me, if I have a certain way I want my image to look and I am not sure how to get it there. I may use an action. I try to learn. But, who has 40 hours a day to earn how to use their program? Mine is OLD.

Ginger Barber Photography

So, I saw this look in my mind’s eye. I set out to recreate it. But, during one of my moments of doing too many things at once, I read a blog post from the Coffee Shop. It had the right look I was going for! So, since her actions are FREE, I downloaded this action and used it.  I did not use the matte part of the action as when I applied it, it was not what I wanted on this image. However, I did use the rest. I love it! Now hurry along and check out the rest of Rita’s site. She has many things for both Lightroom users as well as Element users!

By the way, some of you might remember Rita from this here diaper website.

No, Rita has no clue I was going to write about her, I am in no way affiliated with her or her websites. I just thought I would share something that I love.