Not so Wordless Wednsday.

So, today is not so wordless.
Yes, I have a photo, yes, it tells a story.

But, I have to tell you where I got my action for Photoshop to use on my image.

Coffee Shop. Yes, you know where you sit around and discuss the daily happenings in your life? Well, we photographers sit around various blogs and discuss or daily photographing.  One blog, has been a great help to many who are just starting out, or just so busy they don’t have time to do their own actions.

See actions in Photoshop help so much. They are a time saver. For me, if I have a certain way I want my image to look and I am not sure how to get it there. I may use an action. I try to learn. But, who has 40 hours a day to earn how to use their program? Mine is OLD.

Ginger Barber Photography

So, I saw this look in my mind’s eye. I set out to recreate it. But, during one of my moments of doing too many things at once, I read a blog post from the Coffee Shop. It had the right look I was going for! So, since her actions are FREE, I downloaded this action and used it.  I did not use the matte part of the action as when I applied it, it was not what I wanted on this image. However, I did use the rest. I love it! Now hurry along and check out the rest of Rita’s site. She has many things for both Lightroom users as well as Element users!

By the way, some of you might remember Rita from this here diaper website.

No, Rita has no clue I was going to write about her, I am in no way affiliated with her or her websites. I just thought I would share something that I love.



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