Throw-back Thursdays – Jacks 5 Months

So, today is Thursday. I decided to do a throw-back shot of my little grand baby, Jacks.

Jacks is short for Jacklynn. I just call her Jacks.

Everyone else calls her Joonbug.
Yes, it is spelled that way. Remember Benny and Joon? Guess who she was named after.

Benny and Joon

So, anyways, This was I believe even done on a nice Fall Thursday afternoon. Jacks was 5 months old.
I got my new-to-me Canon 40d that day in the mail. Along with an older lens. 17-40mm. I think. Anyways, it was older.
Casey and I set her out in the leaves. I laid down camera in front of me. I just shot away. She was fairly good. These came out fairly good for never using that camera or lens.

Of course, I shot in full manual mode with auto focus. I shot in RAW instead of Jpeg.
Watch for a future blog post on that particular argument.

Love this kid. She is much bigger now.



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