Review: Kroger Skillet Meals and Sides

I was sent a coupon for a free Kroger Skillet Meal, a free loaf of Kroger Garlic Bread, and a free Fresh Selections salad kit to try out as well as to review as I am a member of Bzzagent.  Today we bought the above.Bzzagent also sent extra coupons for $1.00 off a loaf of garlic bread as well as $1.00 off of a Kroger Skillet meal. We choose the Sorrento-style Gnocchi with Mozzarella Cheese and Pomodoro Sauce. We also choose the Kroger Fresh Selections Caesar Salad Kit.

It was pretty easy to make up. So perfect for a busy family. Just pour the contents from the bag into the skillet. Set the skillet to medium heat and just stir for 8-10 minutes. Throw the garlic bread into the oven to warm up. Throw the salad into a bowl and you are set to go. So within about 15 minutes tops you have a quick and easy meal. Church that night? Throw the meal on the stove and eat before you go. Or, in a hurry and can’t fix dinner before you go? It is so quick you can do it when you get home while kids are getting their showers in.

Kroger Skillet Meal, Garlic Bread, Salad

Two of my four children did not like the Gnocchi. The other two did and asked for more. The salad was a hit as well as the garlic bread. I liked the Gnocchi. It would not be something I would buy again, but would learn to make homemade. The Kroger Skillet meal does not taste homemade. It tastes like it came from a can. But would be nice to have a couple in the freezer for a quick throw together. My kids also all know how to cook and read directions. So, it would be easy for one of them to follow the directions and make up a quick meal.

In conclusion,  this was a quick and easy meal. It tasted pretty good. There is not a great selection of what to choose from. The skillet meals in the frozen food section are kind of weird variations and this was the only meal that sounded tasty. However, that said, I would probably will not buy the Kroger Skillet Meals again. I would however do the garlic bread and the salad kit. We enjoyed those very much.

Disclaimer: I am apart of Occasionally we are sent coupons or actual items to test out, review. We are not financially compensated in any way. All opinions are mine and not of



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