Slowing Down

Every once in a while, a mama has to slow down. She has to enjoy what God has given her.

Enjoy playing with my dogs and boys is one of those things He has graciously gave me on this earth.

I LOVE my dogs.

Suzi and Sam are their names. Sam is Suzi’s son. Suzi is my baby 
dog. Yea, she is my dog. She is about 8 years old this month. In 7 days to be exact. Not that I keep track. Not that I am planning on making her a cake. Not that she will get a piece of chocolate.
Sampson, or, Sam for short, is Suzi’s son. We bred her to a really dumb dog, and we got him. A very smart dog.

We went YEARS people, YEARS without knowing she and he both love the frisbee. YEARS!!!

I am so sorry Suzi! We did not know. I would have bought you one a long time ago.
Seriously. I would have.
A nice pretty pink one.
Pink Camo….
Sorry that would be the color of the gun I want to buy for myself.
I would have bought you a pretty pink frisbee.
Sam never does get anything we toss to them. Never.
He runs for it, a ball, frisbee, a stick, or even a rock.
Yes, a rock.
But, he never does get it. He just does not dare too.
You see, Suzi is the queen. She is number 1. Uno.
Suzi will yell at ya. Or Sam in this case.
Poor guy, Suzi is forever getting after him.
He loves it.
Slowing down means to check out the Sunsets.
Especially if they are from your new home.
IMG_0144 copy
So majestic. So beautiful. I adore sunsets and you might see lots of them on this blog.
I take lots pictures of sunsets.
IMG_0137 copy
I even make a kid stand a certain way so I can catch it on his glasses.
Yes, I did do that.
See that dark thing above the lips?
My man-child has a ‘stash. A MOUSTACHE PEOPLE!!!!!
Seriously. there will be a post about that in the next couple of days.

Why do they have to grow?
Why can they not just stay young and so cute? WHY?
He is the worlds best grilled cheese maker.

So, slowing down from packing, moving, and unpacking was a much needed item for me. Now, I need to go and find and put away the rest of my kitchen and finish the bathrooms.

Anyway, keep watching the blog for updates for me. I will be posting a WHOLE lot more.


First, a grilled cheese.




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