11 Years, and Some Reflection

WOW, we just celebrated our 13th anniversary a few months ago. I love this man, Just another re-blog of a post I did. Working on getting this blog up and running again. Almost moved.

The last 11 years of my life, have been such a whirlwind. One minute I am in my poorly made wedding dress, running late to the park because of waiting for someone to get her hair done, and it was not me. I kept thinking that day how much my feet hurt, and I hoped that the seams on the dress wouldn’t rip apart like the buttons had already started to do. I get ahold of my dad’s arm, and he tells me he loves me and how much he loves me. I remember being thankful that I had both my parents there on this monumental day. Though they were not married any longer, and had not been since I was 7, they were there to support me. My mom was running around making sure the pizza was warm and the cokes sodas were all nestled in their bed of ice. She stayed clear of the hot chicken wings and instead stuck her finger into the mild sauce, just to taste to see if it was warm.
I remember looking down the aisle to the wild-looking man. He still had hair, though it was starting to get that circle of baldness in the back. He was there with the Justice of the Peace. ( we so will not get into WHY I did not have the minister that was supposed to perform the ceremony.) My 3 bridesmaids were there, and the 3 grooms men. I had two flower girls and of course 2 ring bearers. Such a big party for such a small wedding.  All waiting for me to walk down the cement aisle and take my stand at the front. I walked with my dad and he reminded me, if I did not want to get married, we could turn around. I said no, this is what I want. So, we walked.
That day, July 21, 2001, will live forever in my mind. Not because I hated my dress and my shoes. Or that I was late. I won’t remember that day because of the people that were there or the music that was played.
I will remember that day, because it was the day I married Jamie. the man who God intended for me.  This man took in a woman with two children that were not his, and gave us a home that day. He never turned his back on us. He became Daddy that day to a little girl who at that point had gone through so much in her short 6 years of life. And to a small blond, curly-haired tan little 13 month old. They became his children. The ones when he came home from work would go running to him to put their dirty hands all over.
That day, I became a mom of not just 2 littles, but to 3. See, Jamie had an almost 5-year-old son from a previous marriage. Cody came to me as a wild little man who was such an early bird. Oh my, I remember  getting up at 4am with him. It was so tough those early few months after the wedding. It took us six months to train him to be quiet and stay in bed. See, that same wedding night, we quickly went from a family of 5, to a family of 6.

July 21, 2001 will forever live in my mind as the day I married my best-friend. Though at the time, I am sure we did not really consider ourselves that. I still liked my time and he liked his time. We fought, a lot. I got sick with PPD right after Jonah that lasted a couple of years.

But, as time wears on, we, have stood the test of time. His family did not think we would stay together. At all.

But, here we are, 11 years later, strong as ever.

We live in upper middle TN and just love it here. My husband is my best friend, and I am his. We both are in church with our 4 children and now our granddaughter. We are a family. As a family, we love God. We, as a family can not wait to really start serving Him. Only reason Jamie and I are still a team is because of Him. All honor and praise goes to Christ alone.




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