Bringing up some old posts to get my blog moving. Boy, I remember this post. So scared I was/still am. Amazing how fast time flies. Lot’s to blog about once we get moved. For now, enjoy! 2 years to the date I wrote this post. Jacks is here and well and growing like a weed.

However one puts it, I am scared.

Running for the hills kinda scared. How does a mama like me, still young, have a grandchild on the way?

After all I am just 29 years old.


Oh fine.


Yes, I am telling the truth this time.

How do I grandparent a child and not screw this little one up like I screwed up her/his mother?

We flip flopped over the years most of my readers know. We have worn just jeans and tshirts, to wearing dresses only, to covering our heads and wearing mostly homemade clothing to wearing dresses and skirts and not cover, to wearing pants again. I do wear mostly skirts, but you will find me in a pair of jeans here and there.

We have been tv, no tv and thrown everything out, to tv, to no tv and throwing everything out again, and to tv again.

We have not homeschooled, homeschooled, not, again, and then just some, to 3/4 now.

Do you have whiplash now?


Anyways, I do not think I am qualified to be a good grandmother, however, this kid is stuck with me. And since the other side is staying away, I just might this kid’s only grandmother. Sad, but true.

So, Lord willing, even with all of my screw-ups, this baby will grow up and we will help Casey train up her child in the way she/he should go!


2 thoughts on “Nana/Memaw/Granny/Grandma/

  1. G, you may have flip flopped over the years, but you have always did what was best for your family at the time you did it! You are not a screw up, and you didn’t mess Casey up! People make mistakes, and in this case, the Lord gave Casey a blessing disguised as a mistake 😉

    You will be the most awesome grandma I know!! You will love this baby, and cherish him/her, and that is the most important thing you could do as a grandparent! I only hope that I am half the parent you are to my two boys! You always put your children first, and always!!! keep their best interest in mind when doing anything. So, definitely not a screw up!!

    Love ya, G!!


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