Slammin’ Pancakes

I decided to re-blog a few posts in order to get this blog moving once again. Please let me know what you think!

Ok Y’all know I am not a food photographer. I don’t often post about food unless it is about my bread.  I don’t just post about food.

Maybe because I am fat.

Maybe because this entire blog would be all about food instead of other boring matter.

But today, I am posting about the Slammin’ Pancakes I made last night.

I mean the best I have ever eaten!

I made them!

Yours truly!

I never thought I would post about them, however, in a photography group I am in, someone was asking about light and the white balance setting on their camera.

So, I shot two pictures using my last yummy bit of my Slammin’ Pancakes.

This shot was taking using a fluorescent white balance. Does not make it even look tasty.


This one is on the Tungsten setting.


Looks delish on this setting, as it is the closest to my lighting in the room, however, it still is not right.

What I should have done is put it on Kelvin which is where I have been playing. It would have made it look so much better!
I do promise you, that the taste is out of this world.

So, the recipe! This feeds my small family of 7. With a LOT more for the next day.

4 Eggs
4 cups of Buttermilk ( 1 quart)
1/2 c of Vegetable oil
5 c of flour
4 TBS of Baking Powder
4 TBS of Brown Sugar
1 TBS of Vanilla
2 tsp Salt

Mix together, so the batter is mostly smooth. Fry large spoonfuls ( 1/4cup) on a hot lightly greased griddle or pan till edges are set and you see bubbles popping. Flip for a minute or so. and then serve!



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