We are moving to a new place next week. Moving out-of-state actually. I am so looking forward to the peace and quiet.

We have a back deck now, and I am looking forward to sitting on that, in the early mid morning and reading God’s word. I can see myself watching the sunset with some Bug Guard on of course and watching the firebugs dance.

I am even looking forward to that first snowfall there. Yes, I said it. I said the first snowfall.

My Mis-Matched World

Yes, oh yes, I am looking forward to just watching this view.

What about this one? I wonder if I can get my wonderful husband to build a deck on the front?
my mis-matchedworld

The view from my room. Oh yes! This excited me!

I would show more, and you may have seen more if you are my Facebook friend. But, they are embarrassing as the previous owners left it a huge mess.
We are slowly working on it and it should be ready to move in this week. Well, no matter what, it has to be since November 2nd we are leaving TN and moving to KY.
Serene, quiet, peace. Three words I can describe my new home.

What’s new in your neck of the woods?


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Is it still close to your husband’s work? It looks very nice Ginger! There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about, it is a nice home. I hope it brings you and your family joy as you make a home out of the house. =)

    • It is about an extra 20 minute drive. Something he said he is not worried about. Jamie said the peace and solitude we hope to get will be worth it in the end. That and I won’t be running to town everyday to shop LOL….


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