Same Old Blog….

It is the same old blog, with the same old thoughts. I decided I want to resurrect the thing, give new life. So, I gave it a new name. I am not sure what I will be blogging about, but with moving to a new area, and again, a new state. I am sure I can come up with something. Some of what I hope to be doing is changing how we do some stuff. I plan on going back to the basics. Eating what we grow, or what we can get from someone else’s garden via farmer markets and co-ops. I also plan on be a miss susie-homemaker again. Again, for health reasons, as well as because I just can not go back and work a regular job. We will be living 20 15 minutes away from the nearest store. So, running to the store is going to be a thing of the past. Plus, at the moment, we are back to a one car family. Hopefully only for a wee bit. I can not stand be stranded. Since I am so erratic, and I never know which way my thoughts are going to take me, I decided to just go with a catch-all kind of name! Kind of fits me, ya know? So, tell me what you think? Like the name?




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