Apologia Homeschool Planners Review

I have had a great opportunity to review 3 planners from Apologia. I was really excited about them.

I still am.

I have gone over them a few times since receiving them in the mail. I kept telling myself to start them.

I should back up and say what the wonderful, awesome folks at Apologia sent me to review.

In the mail, I received the Ultimate Homeschooling Planner.

An undated planner for us busy homeschoolers. Within the pages, you are going to find a how-to guide. The planner contains monthly pages as well as weekly pages. The Author of the planner Debra Bless included area’s to record goals, blessings, and all sorts of due dads.

This planner is going to help you plan your life daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. I really enjoyed reading through this planner.

I have not put the planner to use. Since we were already half-way through the year, I decided to hold off on using it till next year. I really wanted to utilize it to its fullest. It does come in two styles of colors. The one above is the one I received and reviewed.  As I was going through this, I noticed verses, little bits of hymns, and even quotes from some famous and not so famous men and women such as,

“He that has trained his children for heaven, rather than for earth– for God rather than for man– he is the parent that will be called wise at the last.” ….J.C Ryle

No truer words have been spoken to be honest with you. I might even Facebook that quote, I like that very much.OK, so I did. I did Facebook that quote. I had to,

The next planner I was blessed to review is the Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens. A mighty planner I might say. It really is a neat planner for these teens. I have one that I am schooling. Well, he will be a teen in a month.

the-ultimate-weekly-planner-for-teens Just a GREAT resource. Within the planner, you are going to find, an All About Me section, likes and dislikes. Love it! It will get my son to thinking. It has monthly calendars that are not dated. It also contains weekly planners which breaks it down into subjects and how long is spent on each task. It contains a clear ruler with some info on it.

The planner contains a neat timeline of US history that seems accurate. I have not checked the validity of it. It has a college admissions timeline, as in when the student should be checking into certain things. Such as, when to start reading challenging material. It contains a list of great books for college. This planner even has stickers. Yes folks, stickers. Even our teens still like them. I know I did.

Again, I have not used this planner as of yet. It will be used this coming year. I am so excited too!

Last, I was able to review The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students.  Another wonderful resource for my students. My son Jonah will be using this next year as we begin a new year.

It has scripture written across each page, it has an about me section, a future me section.  Guidelines for good writing in middle school. It has monthly calendars, and weekly calendars. Even a spot to fill out if you have had quiet time for the day. Has a spot for grades and even a world map with the current political boundaries. I think it is going to do Jonah well when we begin to use these.

All three of the binders are made with a durable plastic cover and back. these are not going to fall apart with normal wear and tear and use. I am so excited to start using them in August as we start the new year.

My overall impression is that, it is a wee bit expensive. Especially if you are schooling more than a couple of children. For me, the price is not horrible. You check them out here!

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We Choose Virtues Review

So, Heather from We Choose Virtues needed some reviewers.

I got to be one of the amazing reviewers to do this, and it has been fun!

I need to be real and let ya’ll know I got a late start on mine.


Our items got lost in the mail, so somewhere in the bottom of some USPS bin, are my items.

Heather graciously sent out another set and I am thrilled that she did.

If you are having issues with lying, cheating, dishonest children, then this is for you. If you even have great kids, this is still for you. Why? Well, because we ALL need improvements. We are all sinners right? I am learning from these cards myself. So, they are for the real young just learning what it means to be honest, to the old like myself, who needs to learn how to be more diligent.

Virtue Clues

These are the Virtue Clues. It has all of the virtues you might will want to work with your children on.
Helpful, Obedient, Diligent, Perseverant, Gentle, Content, Attentive, Kind, Honest, Self-Controlled, Patient, and Forgiving.
Parent Card

Each one has their own “personality”. The above card, is what we are working on this week and that is Hat Matt.
Each virtue has a parent/teacher card to go with it. It also has a Scripture on the front to back up the virtue. In this case, it is Ecclesiastes 4:9 which states; Ecclesiastes 4:9   Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. On the back of the card are some activities, such as Teachable Moments. User Challenges, and What to say. It also explains the virtues Kid.
Back of parent Card

We Choose Virtues, has an outstanding store. There are posters, and other items of great value to us parents, Sunday school teachers, and homeschoolers.

Heather has an awesome Parent Handbook that you can download and use.  As well as coloring pages, a Family Assessment page I HIGHLY recommend. I put ours in a page protector so we can go over it monthly as it is suggested to see where we are falling. This was an eye opener for myself and my children. In some area’s I would have used a higher score on the scale and my children thought they deserved a lower score. So sometimes when we think they are doing something because it looks right, they may not be in their heads.
Family Assessment Page

You can download that for free now. So much more! Posters, memorization chart, even an iron-on. So yes, go and check it out!
Coloring Pages

I have plans on ordering the posters as well as the rest of the parent cards. I so need them! My kids are going to memorize scripture. Just something to add into their memory banks as they learn what each virtue is, and why it is important to us as parents, as well as to God.

The program comes in either KJV, NIV, or Secular. I choose the KJV because that is what we use with our family. My parent card however had an NIV verse on it. No big deal. I am thinking Heather just used one of the cards for all the reviewers she had. Much easier to have printed up I am sure.

So, head on over to We Choose Virtues and go through the pages. Order and when you order, use the code VIRTUE15 to get 15% off your order! How’s that for a free gift to my readers? Awesome right?

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