FamilyMint Review

So, I have to start this review with an apology. I have not been diligent in working with my children on this…

Ok, I just started this with my children. Why? No good reason other than procrastination. However, this review will be our based on our views of the material.

When I first got the FamilyMint material in the mail to review, I have to tell you, I LOVED it. My boys loved it. But the one complaint was, they do not earn money. Not generally. I knew it would be hard for them to visualize. So I have been trying to figure out how to have them make some real money.

Then I started Avon… Whole other issue there:)

Back to my review.

I took apart my book, yes I did. I then copied them off and now each boy has a set. Each son can work in his own book.

They LOVE it.

They are enjoying the first lesson, Tracking their income. Now that they are “working” they have an income they can track. We are talking about how much they are going to be paid in a month, as well as how else they plan on earning money. Expenses, how they plan on spending their hard-earned cash. In our home, just like Dad and I are learning to do, is tithe. Right away 10% of their income will be going to tithe.

They are looking at how they are going to track their money. Using a ledger of sorts. They are learning how to enter that into their ledgers.  Checks and Deposits and how that is going to work.

In the future in the book, they will be working on goals., Budgeting, and Interest-Growing $. I believe that Family Mint has hit a nail on the head with this curriculum, I even like the certification of Accomplishment.

Now, I have not worked hardly,, ok not at all on the website part of the program. Like I said, I had procrastinated as well as has been extremely busy and had not worked hard to get this review done for you all. However, over the last week, I have gone over the website and I find it very easy. I know that once we finish getting their accounts set up at the actual bank, my children are going to LOVE going online and entering in their deposits, expenditures, etc.

An Overview of the book

Designed for kids grades 5 and up (ages 10+).  This NEW program guides your child through a series of exercises which will add depth to your child’s understanding, while enhancing their experience with FamilyMint’s online application.

Workbook includes:

  • Engaging exercises
  • Fun money facts
  • Financial vocabulary
  • Certificate for child upon completion of program
  • Answer key in back of workbook

Workbook may be used in conjunction with FamilyMint’s online application or as a stand alone.

Right now, they are running an Introductory deal!!

Special Introductory Bundle Offer:  60-page workbook plus a LIFETIME subscription to FamilyMint Premium (normally $25/yr by itself!)

So run on over to Family Mint, sign up, get the workbook and help your children learn how to control their financial lives before their money controls them. Teach them life long habits now, before they get into adulthood and have no clue what a check is.

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2 thoughts on “FamilyMint Review

  1. It sounds like a great program. I think it is awesome that you are teaching them these things Ginger. This will help them all throughout life. =)

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