Tough Decisions

I have made a few tough decisions.

One of them being, I don’t want to have a photography business. I have lost my oomph for it.

Oh, I still LOVE it, and I still want to learn, and perfect my art. But to do it as a business, I just don’t want too.

I will still gladly take anyone’s photos. ( and still do shoots on occasion)

But, I think pursuing it as a business, I think I rather not. I will still pursue what I love, and that is grabbing photos of my kids, street photography, landscapes, etc……

I just don’t want to do it because I have too so I can help support my family.

I want to do it because I love what I do.


Does that make sense?




2 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. Makes complete sense to me. You have a lot of business endeavors going on right now — and sometimes we need something that’s not “serious business” just to let a little, you know, fresh air into our lives.

    Love seeing your photos on FB, Keep snapping and keep sharing, please.

  2. I guess, kind of. I have known folks that have searched their whole lives for something they are good at and loved. You have both. =)


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