My Why,

I did not want get involved in the disgusting debates about marriage. Why?

Personal beliefs aside, who really care?

Why is this such a HUGE issue?

As a Christian, yes, I am opposed to same-sex marriage. Why am I opposed? Well because God is opposed to it. That aside, the sin of homosexuality is no different from the sin of murder. No different from the sin of whoremongering, no different from a liar, or a thief or for you Baptists, the sin of gluttony  The sin of homosexuality is a sin folks.

Ephesians 5:5   For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Romans 3:23   For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

God hates ALL sin.

That aside, I understand that gay people in this country want the same rights that straight people have. Guess what, they should have the same right, if we are talking about rights given by the government as it stands today which is NOT the government that this country was started with. Unfortunately, greed and selfishness have entered in.

You can not tell the government to stay out of your life where homeschooling is concerned  where preaching God’s word is concerned, then legislate that gay people can’t get married. You are in a sense helping to bring down this country. Everyone whether they are gay or straight, black or white, curly hair or straight hair should have the SAME rights. Under the government. You as a Christian want Uncle Sam to stay out of the business of churches right? You want to be able to preach what you want, preach AGAINST homosexuality, right? Well you can not have your cake and eat it too.

You can not make someone conform to a belief that they do not believe in. If I had to give a statistic, I would say 85% of the gay community is lost. No, I can not back that up with anything that would be unbiased either directions. It is a statistic I pulled out of my brain. It might be higher or lower. They either have never heard the gospel, or they have heard the wrong gospel. There is only ONE way to get to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.  If you believe that being gay is a choice, then it is their right to choose. God gave us free-will did he not? We have enough marriage problems in our churches. Divorce is at an all time high inside of our churches then what is outside in that world.

A man marrying another man is not going to bring down the institution of marriage. We christians are doing a good enough job on that. We keep trying to yank that mote out of the gay persons eye we forget we have our own beams. Why not open up our own closets and get in there to clean out the skeletons. I don’t think God just picked ONE sin to hate. He said he hates ALL sin…..

Seriously, I know that when this posts on my wall on Facebook, I am going to be slammed.

Since that is going to happen, I might as well as be slammed by both sides.

Gay man/woman…… I am not done with you either.

You claim you want equal rights, right? Well then leave my right to worship in the manner of how I want to worship alone. Let me have my beliefs. In the name of equality, right? You want to get married? GO FOR IT! But BUT don’t force someone to go against their BELIEFS AND THEIR RIGHTS to marry you! There are plenty of churches out there that WILL marry you! There are JP’s out there that will marry you.

Don’t go suing someone in the name of equality because they didn’t want to go against their beliefs and rights to make you a stinking wedding cake. How is that equality? Go elsewhere! There are bakeries everywhere, or bake your own stink’n cake. OKAY?

Go pick your own flowers out, don’t sue someone over some stupid roses. Just in the name of equality. Let’s be honest here, it is about the dollar bill. You got your panties in a twist because someone told you no. So you sue them to hurt that person. Boo whoo… stop by Wal-Mart and grab a bunch of roses for $9.98.

When I got married, I had to sign a piece of paper…. That is where our fight should be. We should not have to sign a piece of paper. The government is not here for the people anymore. It is for those that want to control every little thing we do. Quite frankly, if a man wants to have 2 wives go for it. If a man wants to have 2 men, go for it. If a woman wants to have two husbands? Go for it.We certainly do not need Uncle Sam to tell us who to marry, or who not to marry. If we want equality, we need to have equal equality. The government is supposed to work for us, not control us.

The Christian community is fighting the wrong fight. We are fighting against ONE sin. We should be fighting against ALL sins. Starting with our own. Hello, there are more liars and thieves in our government that do more damage than Adam marrying Steve. There are more than 3000 babies being killed everyday because of “choice”. We are not witnessing enough, we are not doing what we need to do for the Kingdom. Hello, we need to get the lost to see that they are in darkness so they can see the Light.

You can’t beat someone up with God’s words and then expect that person to live by that same words. In a perfect world everyone would be living by God’s words, but because of Adan and Eve, we lost that perfect world.

I have family that are gay, so yes, I know gay folks, and you know what? They are far more better to raise a family than some christians I know. I know of one gay couple that if something ever happened to Jamie or myself, they would be the ones we would pick to raise our kids. WHY? Because they will give my children equal rights. If my children wanted to continue in church ( as I pray they will) I know without a doubt, they would be in church. I applaud them, they have been together for longer than most marriages. They took on my nephew because his mom is a loser and his dad isn’t great either. This kid is almost grown. They are willing to step in and be parents. I applaud them. I was very worried about my nephew. I was afraid he was headed to 9×9 cell as his living quarters. But not anymore, the kid is making A’s and B’s. Why? Because of them men that took him in and loved on him. He is not going to be a drain on society like his mom, or a wife beater like his dad.

So, this is my why I do not get involved in these debates. Why I did not display an equal sign showing support for the gay community and that is why I am not showing a red cross for the Christian community. Yesterday across my wall was just a bunch of folks being very ugly. Neither side was very nice to each other at all. Christians were destroying their testimony. Gay folks were not helping their “equal rights” agenda.

My voice is better lent to a cause where there is really a concern in this country. The rights we got 200+ years ago when the Constitution was put into effect. Obama and his cronies are trying to get it shredded up and while we are bickering back and forth on who should marry who, our right to bicker is being taking away. Our money is not worth the paper it is printed on, our debt is out the roof and my great great grandchildren are in debt and they don’t even know it. And, YES, this country was founded on GODLY principles that are found in HIS word! I will fight for my rights that are laid out in the Constitution that we fought so hard for as a country. That so many are still fighting for. So dear Atheist, this is for you. You do not have to believe in God…… But you do not take away my right to believe and KNOW that HE is there.

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one Nation under God,
with liberty and justice for all

That is my why….



When I dreamt of grandbabies.

Specifically what granddaughters were made of,

This is what generally came to mind.

Jacklynn | Ginger Barber Photography

Excuse the grain, ISO 3200 does not ever give my photo’s a great shot. But it was dark in my home……. I was not going for technical.


So, we got in this curriculum to review. I think, once I get it going, it is going to change our lives for the ever.

Seriously, the last few years we have struggled with so many different virtues.  Helpfulness, Obedience, etc. Thanks to the mail and such, I have only just got it in the last week. So while my review will be up in a day or 2…. I am so excited to really get into depth.

Want to know what I am reviewing?

Stay Tuned!

FamilyMint Review

So, I have to start this review with an apology. I have not been diligent in working with my children on this…

Ok, I just started this with my children. Why? No good reason other than procrastination. However, this review will be our based on our views of the material.

When I first got the FamilyMint material in the mail to review, I have to tell you, I LOVED it. My boys loved it. But the one complaint was, they do not earn money. Not generally. I knew it would be hard for them to visualize. So I have been trying to figure out how to have them make some real money.

Then I started Avon… Whole other issue there:)

Back to my review.

I took apart my book, yes I did. I then copied them off and now each boy has a set. Each son can work in his own book.

They LOVE it.

They are enjoying the first lesson, Tracking their income. Now that they are “working” they have an income they can track. We are talking about how much they are going to be paid in a month, as well as how else they plan on earning money. Expenses, how they plan on spending their hard-earned cash. In our home, just like Dad and I are learning to do, is tithe. Right away 10% of their income will be going to tithe.

They are looking at how they are going to track their money. Using a ledger of sorts. They are learning how to enter that into their ledgers.  Checks and Deposits and how that is going to work.

In the future in the book, they will be working on goals., Budgeting, and Interest-Growing $. I believe that Family Mint has hit a nail on the head with this curriculum, I even like the certification of Accomplishment.

Now, I have not worked hardly,, ok not at all on the website part of the program. Like I said, I had procrastinated as well as has been extremely busy and had not worked hard to get this review done for you all. However, over the last week, I have gone over the website and I find it very easy. I know that once we finish getting their accounts set up at the actual bank, my children are going to LOVE going online and entering in their deposits, expenditures, etc.

An Overview of the book

Designed for kids grades 5 and up (ages 10+).  This NEW program guides your child through a series of exercises which will add depth to your child’s understanding, while enhancing their experience with FamilyMint’s online application.

Workbook includes:

  • Engaging exercises
  • Fun money facts
  • Financial vocabulary
  • Certificate for child upon completion of program
  • Answer key in back of workbook

Workbook may be used in conjunction with FamilyMint’s online application or as a stand alone.

Right now, they are running an Introductory deal!!

Special Introductory Bundle Offer:  60-page workbook plus a LIFETIME subscription to FamilyMint Premium (normally $25/yr by itself!)

So run on over to Family Mint, sign up, get the workbook and help your children learn how to control their financial lives before their money controls them. Teach them life long habits now, before they get into adulthood and have no clue what a check is.

Mosiac Review

Tough Decisions

I have made a few tough decisions.

One of them being, I don’t want to have a photography business. I have lost my oomph for it.

Oh, I still LOVE it, and I still want to learn, and perfect my art. But to do it as a business, I just don’t want too.

I will still gladly take anyone’s photos. ( and still do shoots on occasion)

But, I think pursuing it as a business, I think I rather not. I will still pursue what I love, and that is grabbing photos of my kids, street photography, landscapes, etc……

I just don’t want to do it because I have too so I can help support my family.

I want to do it because I love what I do.


Does that make sense?