Review: Fat Birds Design Free Blogger Planner

So, over the last month, I have been reviewing this very easy blogger planner. If you are a blogger like I am, It does help to use a planner. Since I have never used one before, and at the time I needed to print this out, my printer was on the fritz, I went with a simple one.

Simple is good. Okay! Simple is GOOD!

I like simple.

I put it in one of those prong type folders.

You know, the 2 sided pocket folder with the middle with the 3 prongs. No need for a big fat binder. I printed off 3 sheets, for the next 3 months. I still have to add in note-book paper.

Fat Birds Design Free Blog Planner

I still have to add a photo to this post. I was going to add in my photo of it in use, and I am using it. Just have not had time to get one done. Need to make a note of that.

Anyways, I figure, I can add in notes as I need to, it is not taking up a ton of space. It is just chilling on top of my sewing machine cover waiting for me to put it away next to some other stuff on my dresser. Which reminds me, I need to clean my room.

Is there a list for that?

I wonder.

Fat Birds Design Blog Planner is easy. It is simple. It has 4 weeks on one sheet of paper. At this time in my blogging, I really do not need a more in-depth blog planner. There are many out there and Google is your best friend.

Did I tell you, it was free AND simple??

Two of my favorite words! Together, in a sentence.

I know, I can not believe it either!

So head over to check it out, click here. Let her know I sent you.

No, you do not get anything special. No prizes or discounts.

Free is Free,



Now for the small words: Please click above on my disclosure tab above. Basically it says, these are my thoughts and not of the company that I reviewed the item for. Blah Blah Blah….. I was not paid for this review. I do get to keep using the free blog planner and plan on it.


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