In a group on FB I co-own with another awesome woman, our challenge this week is Eyes…..

I took my boys to the park yesterday and along came my Canon 40d.

Eye Challenge

I used my new Canon 85mm 1.8 lens. By the way, which is an awesome lens!

I took a shot at each pair of eyes. I could not decide which one I wanted to showcase so I did all three.


I LOVE the way the light just hits the eye. It was getting darker in the day. Almost like 4pm.

I had them look towards the light, and I moved till I found just the right light I wanted.

Then Boom,

I found it, grabbed the shot, sent that boy off to play and grabbed another kid.

Eye Challenge


Even Jonah, who has dark eyes, I got some reflection. His eyes are so tough to do. But I got their chocolate color.

Speaking of chocolate. I wonder if I have any in the house?





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