Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared and no I do not mean because the world is going to close in on us any time soon. Though, Jesus Christ could come back now and I would be one happy chicka…..

I was on Pinterest and I was checking out some of the pins I had posted.

Pinterest is my love. I could live on that site ALL day. Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter. I am all about Pinterest these days.

I have been thinking about being prepared for emergencies. I live on the edge of Tornado Alley and we get our fair share of scary storms here. Just a few days ago there were five right here in my county.  We were in our safe spot in the bathroom. I so need a bigger bathroom. Seven people of various sizes in one tiny bathroom is a tight fit. We have lots of love for each other. Not quite if we have that much love for each other. But, it is the only place in our ranch style home without a window. So, in we go.

All of us in the bathroom...

All of us in the bathroom…

It was only about 2 am or so in the morning. If I had been more prepared, there would be more couch cushions in there instead of one. We all have one to put over us to help protect us as needed. I would also have had a case of water as well as my folder of emergency paperwork. When I know we might get hit with weather, kids sleep in clean street clothes. Shoes are under the shelf in the hallway to be put on as we enter into the bathroom. All doors in the hallway are shut. Candles are in the bathroom with the lighter. We might or might not light them when the lights go out. If the wind is really howling, we do not. Usually I will make sure I have a charger for the phone and my purse. Jamie makes sure he has what he needs and if Casey remembers, her diaper bag with some diapers and wipes are in the bathroom with us.  All of the stuff is in there before bed or hours before the storms are supposed to hit so all we have to do is grab the cushions and go.

I said all of this to say………

On Pinterest I found this great Emergency Planner. Bekah from Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot made up this really great kit. In the PDF, that is FREE by the way is a whole bunch of great pages you can go ahead and type in, save, then print. Beats having to write it all in and allow some unknown person to figure out what is being portrayed by the handwriting.


By my bad handwriting. I get it. I have some bad handwriting.

So anyways, I am working on mine this weekend and next week. I plan on printing up several, one to put in the binder to go next to our First Aide Kit, one to have on top of the Fridge. One for the van, and I will put a couple of the pages themselves in a clear protecter and put them on the fridge. Thank you Bekah for this great resource!

So go on over to Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot and download this great Emergency Planner.




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