Review: Fat Birds Design Free Blogger Planner

So, over the last month, I have been reviewing this very easy blogger planner. If you are a blogger like I am, It does help to use a planner. Since I have never used one before, and at the time I needed to print this out, my printer was on the fritz, I went with a simple one.

Simple is good. Okay! Simple is GOOD!

I like simple.

I put it in one of those prong type folders.

You know, the 2 sided pocket folder with the middle with the 3 prongs. No need for a big fat binder. I printed off 3 sheets, for the next 3 months. I still have to add in note-book paper.

Fat Birds Design Free Blog Planner

I still have to add a photo to this post. I was going to add in my photo of it in use, and I am using it. Just have not had time to get one done. Need to make a note of that.

Anyways, I figure, I can add in notes as I need to, it is not taking up a ton of space. It is just chilling on top of my sewing machine cover waiting for me to put it away next to some other stuff on my dresser. Which reminds me, I need to clean my room.

Is there a list for that?

I wonder.

Fat Birds Design Blog Planner is easy. It is simple. It has 4 weeks on one sheet of paper. At this time in my blogging, I really do not need a more in-depth blog planner. There are many out there and Google is your best friend.

Did I tell you, it was free AND simple??

Two of my favorite words! Together, in a sentence.

I know, I can not believe it either!

So head over to check it out, click here. Let her know I sent you.

No, you do not get anything special. No prizes or discounts.

Free is Free,



Now for the small words: Please click above on my disclosure tab above. Basically it says, these are my thoughts and not of the company that I reviewed the item for. Blah Blah Blah….. I was not paid for this review. I do get to keep using the free blog planner and plan on it.


Mosiac Review


In a group on FB I co-own with another awesome woman, our challenge this week is Eyes…..

I took my boys to the park yesterday and along came my Canon 40d.

Eye Challenge

I used my new Canon 85mm 1.8 lens. By the way, which is an awesome lens!

I took a shot at each pair of eyes. I could not decide which one I wanted to showcase so I did all three.


I LOVE the way the light just hits the eye. It was getting darker in the day. Almost like 4pm.

I had them look towards the light, and I moved till I found just the right light I wanted.

Then Boom,

I found it, grabbed the shot, sent that boy off to play and grabbed another kid.

Eye Challenge


Even Jonah, who has dark eyes, I got some reflection. His eyes are so tough to do. But I got their chocolate color.

Speaking of chocolate. I wonder if I have any in the house?




So, it is 2:30 in the morning and I am backing up my computer to erase everything on it and start over. It has been running a bit weird lately and so, I think a fresh install will do it some wonders.

While I was doing this, I got to thinking of my life. I realized how much control some stuff that I was in had of my life. Like, I depended on other people to tell me if I am doing ok, or if I am a huge screw up. While it is not their fault. it became more of an issue.

See, I am not a very private person. I have no problems telling you about my life, my entire life. While, some like it, most do not. I am realizing that I was using certain things as a crutch in my life. While friends are great to build you up, some are quick to tear you down. And it became a roller coaster ride. Some days it was up, and some days is was down.

Instead of turning to God for my problems and opening up my bible to see the answers, I was going to places such as Facebook or Twitter.  While advice is good, if it is not met with biblical principal, it is not always “good”.

So, I had to dump. Dumping the things that got in the way of me and my God and me and my family. I started to view my life as some horrid life because we do things a bit different then the norm.  I started to have a more negative view on my children and my husband. Because they did not meet the expectations of what I had in my mind for them. Same with me. I did not meet the expectations of what I had of me. I stayed in my room so I can be involved with online stuff. And while the folks are great, I got too involved online that I did in my home. Again. That is my fault. I am not dumping friends, but I did dump a lot of other things.  So, I dumped.

I turn my chat off on FB now. I still answer messages as they come in, I can choose more to look at it later or then and there. I get a notification on my phone. I spend more time on FB through my phone now. Which is a lot less than I did even a week ago. While I cleaned my home, my home is far from where it needs to be.

I am feeling more confident in what I am doing. I am not looking for approval. If I ask an opinion on FB, it is just that, an opinion.

I am dumping soda, again. It is just so stink’n addictive. So, instead of even having it when we eat out, I am either going to do water or sweet tea. Soda, is just too addictive for me. I start to drink a soda, then I start to eat foods I don’t want to eat. I just do not seem to have that button in my life that I can hit when I have had enough.

I am dumping my sedentary lifestyle. We have been taking more walks as a family.

At least when it is not cold out.

But as a family, we have been walking more. I have some video’s to use when the weather is not hot. I also will have a vehicle here so I can hope over to the church in the center of town and use their workout room and take part in their free classes to get fit.  I want to dump this current version of me. I want a new and improved and healthy me. My kids deserve that, my husband does. And by golly, so do I.

I will also be going back on my BP meds and my Metformin for the PCOS. As of last year, I did not have diabetes. I don’t want it if I don’t have it now. I want to be there for Jacklynn,


I want more children.

Yes, I said it.

Jamie and I would love more babies.

I do.

But, only if God sends them. We will not use any interventions. I am content with my four that I have. So, intervention is not needed.

Now, if God deems us to have more, I will gladly, GLADLY have more precious arrows.

So back to dumping… It takes forever to back up to DVD’s. I need a new external and plan on grabbing one or two here in the next week or so.

I am not dumping this blog, in fact, I am trying to resurrect the thing. I have about 3-6 reviews coming up. I have a lot of cleaning to do on it. It might move to its own domain.
Like I said, I am not dumping this old friend.


Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared and no I do not mean because the world is going to close in on us any time soon. Though, Jesus Christ could come back now and I would be one happy chicka…..

I was on Pinterest and I was checking out some of the pins I had posted.

Pinterest is my love. I could live on that site ALL day. Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter. I am all about Pinterest these days.

I have been thinking about being prepared for emergencies. I live on the edge of Tornado Alley and we get our fair share of scary storms here. Just a few days ago there were five right here in my county.  We were in our safe spot in the bathroom. I so need a bigger bathroom. Seven people of various sizes in one tiny bathroom is a tight fit. We have lots of love for each other. Not quite if we have that much love for each other. But, it is the only place in our ranch style home without a window. So, in we go.

All of us in the bathroom...

All of us in the bathroom…

It was only about 2 am or so in the morning. If I had been more prepared, there would be more couch cushions in there instead of one. We all have one to put over us to help protect us as needed. I would also have had a case of water as well as my folder of emergency paperwork. When I know we might get hit with weather, kids sleep in clean street clothes. Shoes are under the shelf in the hallway to be put on as we enter into the bathroom. All doors in the hallway are shut. Candles are in the bathroom with the lighter. We might or might not light them when the lights go out. If the wind is really howling, we do not. Usually I will make sure I have a charger for the phone and my purse. Jamie makes sure he has what he needs and if Casey remembers, her diaper bag with some diapers and wipes are in the bathroom with us.  All of the stuff is in there before bed or hours before the storms are supposed to hit so all we have to do is grab the cushions and go.

I said all of this to say………

On Pinterest I found this great Emergency Planner. Bekah from Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot made up this really great kit. In the PDF, that is FREE by the way is a whole bunch of great pages you can go ahead and type in, save, then print. Beats having to write it all in and allow some unknown person to figure out what is being portrayed by the handwriting.


By my bad handwriting. I get it. I have some bad handwriting.

So anyways, I am working on mine this weekend and next week. I plan on printing up several, one to put in the binder to go next to our First Aide Kit, one to have on top of the Fridge. One for the van, and I will put a couple of the pages themselves in a clear protecter and put them on the fridge. Thank you Bekah for this great resource!

So go on over to Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot and download this great Emergency Planner.