Thinking Ahead

holiday 2013

Thinking ahead of the upcoming year. As usual, there are the usual things I want to do. Loose weight, be a better mama, read my bible more, pray more, etc.

I start off strong, but then by the 2nd it is left by the wayside. I want to change that this year. Make realistic goals for myself and my family.
One of the goals I want to make for myself is no more soda. At midnight tonight, I am swearing off all soda except if we go out to eat. But since that is another goal I have for the family of not going out as much, that will help that much more.

Goals for self:

  1. Read my bible fully through the year this year
  2. No soda ( except going out to eat)
  3. Reading my devotionals more
  4. Loosing weight with lofty goals.
  5. Making more healthier snacks for the family so that we are not buying unhealthy snacks.

I think that is a good start and there are more goals. But those are more personal.

What are your goals?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. To pass my nursing classes and math. To hopefully, have a good balance between being a wife, mother, and student and of course allowing myself some me time. To be a positive effect on people, help them feel better even if only for a moment.

  2. I intend to draw ever closer to Jesus this year, through prayer and Bible reading. I also hope to lose ALL baby weight and maybe more. (I still have 47lbs to go before I am pre-#1 baby weight. Thankfully most weight from the 2nd two has dropped off). I also hope to become a better housekeeper.


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