So, on a photography group I am on, we are doing a 20 week challenge. The first challenge is a self-portrait.


As you can see, it is a bit wet out.


This handsome son of mine is helping me out. He of course is the only person in my home at the time that can sit in my spot since we are the same height.


Several trials went into this. I am fat. I admit it and it is hard to get a decent photo of me.


SO hard!!!!


Cody is there…. These are not the best photo’s, I was in a hurry. There was a lull with the rain.


I so need a new dye job…


The final cut. I still am not thrilled with it. But, for now it will work. Hopefully I can lose a bit of weight before the next self-portrait:) That is in 20 weeks

IMG_1801 copy

Edited here as I have two more to put in.. One with MCP Mini Fusion Action and one without. The first is without, the 2nd is with.
IMG_1779 copy 2

IMG_1779 copy 5


5 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. Again great shots. =) I think you look great! You should really open a business or try and sell some of your shots of the sunsets and stuff. I think you could make a fortune.

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