Thinking Ahead

holiday 2013

Thinking ahead of the upcoming year. As usual, there are the usual things I want to do. Loose weight, be a better mama, read my bible more, pray more, etc.

I start off strong, but then by the 2nd it is left by the wayside. I want to change that this year. Make realistic goals for myself and my family.
One of the goals I want to make for myself is no more soda. At midnight tonight, I am swearing off all soda except if we go out to eat. But since that is another goal I have for the family of not going out as much, that will help that much more.

Goals for self:

  1. Read my bible fully through the year this year
  2. No soda ( except going out to eat)
  3. Reading my devotionals more
  4. Loosing weight with lofty goals.
  5. Making more healthier snacks for the family so that we are not buying unhealthy snacks.

I think that is a good start and there are more goals. But those are more personal.

What are your goals?



We have been so sick here at our home.

Sick as in once we start to feel better, we then get the sniffles again, the sore throat, and then the cough.

Always the cough. It stinks. It hurts and we are aggravated by it.

We have been sick  Jacks has been sick.

We have been sick since before Thanksgiving. I assume we have the flu of some sort.

Who knows.


Jacks still has a very stuffy nose and still coughs a lot. However, she is back to her cheesy, sassy self. For which I am utterly thankful.

So, if you happen to think of my family, pray that we can beat this dumb sickness. We are sick of being sick.


A Week of Reflection

It has been slightly over a week, not much more since Newtown. The horrific murders of those 20 children and 6 adults.  So much sadness starting out this Season. Twenty children who won’t be opening up presents early Christmas morning. Twenty children who won’t give their mama a kiss and a hug, or their Papa.

Six adults who are being missed this very moment. Six women who may have been a mother, a sister, a daughter, or an aunt. Best friends gone.

I know, like many of you that are reading this, have and will hug your children tighter. I know like many, I am taking more pictures of my children and I together, as well as the entire family together.

26 people gone from this earth, either in Hell or in Heaven. I pray for the latter.

Also this week, I have been thinking of folks in the Armed Services. The men, and women away from their families, children, spouses this Holiday. Spending time away home-cooked meal. Maybe out in some hot desert, or in some cold, and snowy place.
The sacrifices they have made so that I can sit here and type on my computer at 2am when the rest of my family is fast asleep. Sacrifices that I can not even wrap my brain around, as I have never had to do any of that in my life. At least, not like our men and women in the Services.

So, as I sit back reflecting back on this past week, month, and even year, God has been so good to me.
Other than a pinched nerve in my neck, and a slight cough, being over weight, I am really not bad off. I have a home, that is heated. I have lights and a stove to cook on. I have hot water to take a shower in and to wash my dishes. I have lots of clothing in my closet and shoes on my feet. I just heard my precious grand baby, and her mama telling her she loves her. Cody was just talking to who knows who, and Jonah rolled over. Adam just passed gas. Even in his sleep, that boy can pass gas. Right behind me, I hear my husband snoring. I know all is right in my little world when I hear that noise. That is before I poke him and he rolls over.

I don’t know what holds tomorrow for sure, but, I can rest tonight knowing that God is with me and He holds me in the palm of his hard. I know I have a home in heaven. And someday when I die, or Jesus comes back on his white horse and that horn blows, I will get to meet Jesus, and Mary, and Moses. What a day that will be.

As I close this blog post, I of course will show you a photo.

IMG_1045 copy 3

As Tiny Tim would say, “God Bless us, everyone”


So, on a photography group I am on, we are doing a 20 week challenge. The first challenge is a self-portrait.


As you can see, it is a bit wet out.


This handsome son of mine is helping me out. He of course is the only person in my home at the time that can sit in my spot since we are the same height.


Several trials went into this. I am fat. I admit it and it is hard to get a decent photo of me.


SO hard!!!!


Cody is there…. These are not the best photo’s, I was in a hurry. There was a lull with the rain.


I so need a new dye job…


The final cut. I still am not thrilled with it. But, for now it will work. Hopefully I can lose a bit of weight before the next self-portrait:) That is in 20 weeks

IMG_1801 copy

Edited here as I have two more to put in.. One with MCP Mini Fusion Action and one without. The first is without, the 2nd is with.
IMG_1779 copy 2

IMG_1779 copy 5