I am awaiting a time to sit and just do a blog post some justice.

And, I promise, this week, there will be some blogging justices going on.

Till then, gaze your eyes on this sweet muffin.

She had her first cold this week, and was not feeling her best. But, she gave Nana a picture anyways…..


Boring Title

For a boring post, I want to try to blog. I miss writing whatever my thought is that came to mind.

Even if it was a bit controversial

or even a bit boring like this post.

I am not the smartest brain around, so my posts tend to be a bit more simple.

Not a lot goes on in my life. I home school my children, I clean my home, and I go to church and study my bible.

Kinda boring right?

I told you so.

And you know what,

It is ok to have a boring life.

I like my life.


I am a sucker for Sunsets.

A huge sucker as in I say JAMIE!!! pull over now! To which he is like what? What is the matter?

I say I want to capture that shot.

When I did not have my camera, I was a bit nuts. My cell just did not work as well.

There is just something about a sunset that I just gush over. Not sure what it is, but I am a sucker for them.

Especially when the cross is your foreground.


I HEART Faces Orange Photo Challenge.

Photo Challenge Submission

So, I Heart Faces is doing a challenge this month entitled “Orange”.

I could not figure out what to do for it, so I decided to enter one of the photo’s I put on the blog last week of the grand baby.

She is so cute.

I am hoping the orange in the leaves is enough. I am not very creative I think.
So head over to I Heart Faces for this months challenge and check out the others while there!

30 day Gratitude Challenge…..

So, as for me to get to know my camera, I decided to embark on a personal 30 day challenge.

I googled it, and came across a website that contained a great idea. A 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge.

SO, when I remember to do it, I did it. I was going to post daily and I forgot. So here are a few days worth.

Day 1:

Did not do day #2…..

Day 3: Happiness

Casey was so happy to talk to her friend Kenny.

Day 4: Leaves

Adam and Jonah were throwing leaves around.

I did not do Day 5.
Day 6 is not done with:)