Halloween, Skirts, and a Touch of Cute.

What does the title mean you might ask?  Are they related?

No, not at all. At least not in my world.

So, what did the our household do tonight?

We did not go door to door to say Trick or Treat.

We did not dress up as goblins, gaols, or ghosts. We did not dress as princess, or a Smurf, or a  turtle.

We went to church. Like we do every other Wednesday night.

The two younger boys went to Awana’s with Casey ( she is one of the leaders there)

Cody, Jacklynn and I head into the church where we heard the word of God being preached. Mercy was preached.

Something I needed to hear.

No kids came to our door knocking. We did not go to any place other than church.

We believe that Halloween is not something that we need to celebrate. I won’t go into a history lesson here. I will spare you that:)

Skirts, you were waiting for that part right?

Yea, I have been fighting conviction. God put me under conviction a long time ago. I followed it for a long time, but, I slid backwards. It started when I was given a bunch of clothes and in that bunch of clothes was a pair of jeans.  A pair of jeans that fit.

Anyways, God has been really breaking me down on this issue. And, I really need to concede to Him. He does know me best.

Is it a salvation issue? No. Will I go to hell if I wear a pair. No. But, I will feel guilty because I know that is wrong for me. I will link to a post I made several years ago. Maybe tomorrow.

So, now,



of Cute……

Yes, this was on Facebook last evening. But, I have readers that are not friends with me on Facebook. So…

I always love hearing thoughts and opinions on spiritual matters and skirts vs pants. So, if you are inclined to leave a comment, go for it!



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