I don’t even know why I even have a blog. It is not like I really use the thing anymore. I hardly even read. I just get on Facebook these days, get the scoop and leave my own. Facebook is such a time draw and when I am done on there, there is not enough time left for me to blog, and to read other blogs.
I have thought of leaving Facebook, but, that is where my friends are, my children have accounts on there, and so does my husband. My external family is there as well. I am apart of a few groups, and love going and visiting.

But, I do miss blogging which I am sure is why I even still have a blog open. I had taken down photo’s of my granddaughter but will be putting those posts back up again soon. I will have an update on her soon as well with a beautiful current photo my cell can provide LOL.
I think I might have something to say, but I know I have lost several readers and even Facebook friends due to some of the stances I take or opinions I have. While I am ok with that, I feel as if I almost don’t have readership anymore. I am who I am. But, I am also trying to do some personal changes. I want to be more meek, and more quiet. I want people to look at me, or even after talking with me, I want them to think that this chick knows Christ and loves Christ. Right now, I have done so much damage to my testimony that I can understand why a lot of folks just no longer like me. If they dislike me, why do would they even bother reading me.
I want to be more Christ-like. Keep me in prayer will you? My anniversary of my day of Salvation is coming up and that excites me. I will hopefully write more about why I am excited about that.

Anyways, If you even read, thank you, if you are new, I hope I will begin to write more, so save my link somewhere and stop by and visit.