Review” Bic Soleil Savvy


So, I am apart of Bzzagency. I LOVE it! I get to try out new products, sometimes even before they hit the shelves.
So, recently, they asked some of us agents to try out the BIC Soleil Savvy razor. It was a pleasure!
In the package you get the disposable heads as well as the handle. This is being marketed as a disposable kit.  In this kit is the disposable handle as well as 4 disposable heads. The razor heads feature 3 blades to get that nice and close shave. Love it!  It was launched in December and shipped this past March.

When you shave with it, it even has one of the cute vitamin E strips. I am not sure if that really helps or not, but I like to think it does. I just use my shaving can of cream ( that smells yummy) and work up a lather on the legs and just shave. It is really simple. Plus, unlike other disposable razor heads, there is more than just one to go with the handle. Priced at 8 dollars is really not all that bad.

So run out and get you one of these and then stop over to and sign up so when the next campaign hits the trails, you are all set to get it!



2 thoughts on “Review” Bic Soleil Savvy

  1. love you blog love reading about your family and things that happen. hope your children and grannddaughter are doing fine hope to see more about family your life and challenges good and bad. And how you over come them.


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