No Sugar, sugar

I am still trying to figure out how to do this no sugar thing. As I look around my house, we are centered in sugar! All that is so tasty. Everything we have in our home has some sort of sugar in it. So, I have to gather a list and go grocery shopping to begin to replace the not so good for you sugar to the better for you stevia and rapurra. Replace the Lucky Charms with granola, homemade of course. I am getting there. I am working on a plan. I have gained back all of my weight it seems when I was gone in NY and before when I was trying hard to not work my program.

I am glad God is not finished with me yet. 



Paleo and Sugar….

Hey all, on my quest to get healthy,

Yes, I am still working on that…..

I have lost 9 pounds or I did before this week when I kinda fell of the bandwagon some.

I have been researching out Paleo diet. It sounds very interesting and something I should be able to do.

But first, I have to kick my addiction to those nasty carbs.

You know the ones, potato chips, eating a whole container of Cool Whip, uhm, mashed potato’s etc.

I also have to kick my sugar addiction.

So, when I get back from NY. I am vowing to not allow sugar to enter into my mouth for 21 days. I might just blog about it. I then during that time, will be entering the Paleo diet as well. During the sugar fast, I will also be cutting out wheat, and other grains.except the low gluten ones if there is such a thing.

I do welcome any links or suggestions. So please share away!


Sorry Ya’ll

Especially to those that read this thing. Life has just been so stinkin busy!

I am headed to NY on a small vacation for me, yes ME. I am also grabbing my son who has been in NY for way too long. I miss him so much!

I hope I can blog on vacation, but if not, I am sure you won’t miss me.

Here is some unedited eye candy for you:)