Peace, Love, War, and


Gotta have hearts right?

Born during the left-overs of the Vietnam era. No, it was done by the time I was born, but, you could still see the hippy folks around.

I am not really into the hippy thing, I was more into the big hair bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

If I am not careful, you can still hear me sing to the likes of Poison and Motley Crue.

Might even catch me head-bang.

I then remember that is the old self. The one that does not listen to that kind of music anymore.

You will find me listen to a lot more of the blue-grass type of sound, or even the likes of Abigail Miller.

That is what is on my MP3 player these days.

Me and hippy just do not mix,

But cute Peasant Dresses do.

Love that little tag. I cut a small piece off of a roll of vintage embellishments. I kinda thought it was cute.

It also help determine the front from the back.

And the hearts, Don’t forget the hearts.

By itself, it was a bit plain Jane type of dress.

I asked Casey if she thought it needed anything. She said no.

I still thought, it needed something.

I got this machine a few years ago because I wanted the fancy stitches, ya know.

The ones, I never ever use.

Except this one time.

Worth it.

All for the hearts.

Want to check out the tutorial? Head on over to Sew Much Ado blog for it!



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