Duck, Duck, Duck…..


Well, not really the goose part. As this post just does not have a goose.


This was hand-dyed about 10 years ago using Darhma Dyes. I am not even sure they are still around. But it is Canary Yellow.

The fabric is a rib knit from PRR ( Painting Red Rhinos ) They used to allow co-ops buy the extra fabric from their runs. But they stopped that years ago.

The pattern is a vintage Kwik Sew pattern.

Didja know that Kwik Sew sold out to McCall’s?

I am sew not thrilled. Not at all. They have already changed things, no more awesome paper patterns. They have gone to tissue paper.

Not thrilled at all.

Yes the word sew was intended. Just incase you did not understand that.

The hat was easy to make. Found it on my friend Tracie’s Pinterest board.
You can find the pattern and tutorial here. Easy.

This was pretty fun to make. This is for a friend of mine who is due any day with her little boy. Casey already has a sleeper just like it, I just need to make the beanie for it.


Me, I am done sewing for this evening. I am tired.

And full of thread. On a black shirt. I have white threads. Lots of ’em.




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