I am thinking of closing down the blog.

Just not enough action.

Or at least not enough that makes it out of the head.

And kinda hard on the feelings when no one responds.

So, I will sleep on it, pray on it. But I am feeling like, just no need.


28 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. I’ve had a blog for years and thought I rarely get comments I can see from my site meter that lots of people visit and I get tons of page hits on a thing I have about praying Scripture over your children. Anyway, all that to say that your words could still be an encouragement to people even if no one comments. It really comes down to why you blog. Do you do it for yourself, to be an encouragement to others, a mix of those, or some other reason altogether? Evaluate that and go from there! 🙂

  2. Thanks ladies, I appreciate the comments! I will let you know for sure what I plan on doing. I love blogging, but seem to not be able to put it from the brain to the fingers.

    • Who in the world are you to care? If you were Ginger’s friend you would obviously never say something like this. If you are not her friend, then you may not find the details of her life or her thoughts on things relevant to you so you should stop reading. Why are you here? Do you have such a poor self image that you feel the need to visit random people’s blogs and say unkind things? Geez, get a life. Seriously.

      • It wasn’t meant to be unkind, just honest. Ginger, a very nice lady for all I know, is not particularly intelligent or charismatic. I thought she wanted truthful opinions on whether or not to close her blog. If she had only wanted someone to blow sunshine up her skirt, she should have specified that.

        I honestly think her time would be better spent on achieving some of her life’s goals: weight loss, building her marriage and being a better parent to her children. These are the issues she writes about time and time again.

        I personally enjoy reading her blog, but Ginger’s right when she said she can’t get enough readers/comments to make her effort worthwhile.

        I really didn’t mean to be unkind, Ginger. I also am not particularly smart or outgoing, which is why I never bothered to start my own blog.

      • I apologize for my harsh reply. I still don’t believe it was prudent to say, but whatever. I highly doubt she spends enough time writing that it really detracts from her goals and family time. I have had a blog for years and it’s for my personal pleasure. An online diary of sorts. Some people blog for notoriety, some blog for personal pleasure, some blog for other reasons. Like I said earlier, depending on her reasons and what she feel the Lord would have her do should guide her decision.

      • Thank you Shyla, and even thank you Marie, I blog purely for pleasure. Not to gain attention. With that said, I rather do like knowing if what I write is being read.
        Marie, I was asking for honesty and appreciate your comments. You just do not make sense. You write, I personally enjoy reading her blog, yet you want me to close it down since I am not intelligent enough. I guess I am too stupid to understand that. Care to enlighten my feeble mind?

  3. I personally do enjoy reading your blog. You were the one who said you wanted to shut it down because you felt not enough people read it and/or took the time to comment. I agree with you on that point: you do not have a wide audience. Additionally, your post read as though you were tiring of thinking of ideas to post. What else was I to assume beside the fact that you had already made-up your mind to quit, and were just looking for support in that vein.

    It’s your blog, so do as you please. But, if you don’t want the opinions of others, then do not ask for them.

    Understand me now?

  4. Oh, honestly! Now you’re just nit-picking!

    That is why I specified “I assumed”. In other words: I inferred your intentions from the specific words you chose to use.

  5. Marie … you could have made your point without the rude comments. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t even used your true name but then again, I could be wrong.
    Ginger … I don’t think you should close your blog down at all. Your blog should be for you. Letting others read it is a gift … and whether you get comments or not, it’s always kool to be able to look back on what you wrote. I may have realized you had a blog … but I can’t remember. I’ll put it in my favs file & come back to read. I don’t always have time to comment but when I do, I will! Love ya, friend!

  6. Not really, just bored. Lost my job. Downsized, they call it. We only have 3 months savings in the bank. In this economy, it may take up to 6 months to find a suitable position. We can stretch the savings out to 4 months, maybe, if we cut out all the kids’ extras, but I really don’t want them to get scared. At least we’re not upside-down on the house as a lot of others are. It just has to get better, right?

  7. um, wow, ok. Sheesh, some people!! I don’t get a lot of traffic on my blog, but that’s not why I do it. I enjoy it, my friends enjoy it, and my non-facebooking parents can see what the children are doing. If you enjoy blogging, I wouldn’t close it.

    • Thank you Amy, I really enjoy blogging even if I do not have the time. I think, years ago, I used to have loads of comments and would have lots of people visiting my blog that now, that I am not into it as much, I guess I was trying to measure something that I really do not need to measure.

  8. Hey, Ginger,

    You should start posting more frugal ideas, menus, money-saving tips, et. al.

    I bet that would bring a lot more readers/comments in. I haven’t the foggiest idea as to where to start in this new frugal situation I was forced into. A lot, a lot, a lot of people are struggling right now, so…..

  9. After some thoughts and prayers, I rather do like being able to blog stuff. show off stuff, brag about stuff…. Would be nice to have a lil showcase for it all, doncha think? So, we shall stay open. Till next year when I decided to write about closing it down again.


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