Going For A Walk One Day

Yesterday, Casey really wanted to go for a walk, so she, the 2 boys and I went for a walk around the block. I decided to bring the camera. I need more practise shooting.

Jonah had to bring his stuffy along for the walk.

The Local buss dropping the kiddlets at home after a long day at school.

I love the auger holding the mailbox. I would love to find one for ours!

Just a bit of baby bump:) 32.5 weeks along.

My favorite pair of shoes, my Crocs. These are about 4 years old. I really need a new pair, but till then, I will just wear these.

Our sky yesterday, the lonely yet beautiful cloud. It has been like that for a few days. Not a cloud in sight.

Just Adam and Jonah walking and talking.

Turning around as I called her name to take this photo. She might not like me after seeing this on the blog though.

A shot of a rosebud, I am excited about these.

I can never get enough seeing our clothes on the line, I LOVE it! I hope my electric bill will too.


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