Great Idea’s

and by the time I get here, they are out of the head. Seriously.

Recently we went on a trip to Southern TN, it was fun!

However, since being home, life has taken over. All I have edited are a couple of pics.

This being my favorite.

I did not take my big camera, only my lil’ point and shoot.

This bridge was eons long.

I mean eons, and it squeaked, and moved, and it was a really deep ravine.

Did I say it was long, and noisy?

It was a long way down, enough so that when I did look down, I felt sick.

Jonah felt the same.

We both white knuckled it to the other side. At one point, my lovely friend Heather had to talk me through it.

We made it.

And this, was a sunset outside her door.

It was beautiful, I really should have brought the big camera.

Only it has a layer of dust on it.


2 thoughts on “Great Idea’s

    • No, the trail wound it’s way through. We started at one trail, hooked up with another. This was found on the last leg. It was either go back, or cross. Casey could not handle anymore rough terrain and neither could I. So, we crossed it.


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