Spring Cleaning

We are Spring Cleaning at our house this week. We have company coming with a sweet lil baby.

We have a baby shower, and yummy stuff there.

I have lots of sewing to do, cleaning to do, and of course baking to do! I hope to get some pictures of it all and post them sooner or later.

So, if I am sparser than I already am, now you know why.:)

the sweet baby leggings I made this week for my grandbaby. Excited!


Peace, Love, War, and


Gotta have hearts right?

Born during the left-overs of the Vietnam era. No, it was done by the time I was born, but, you could still see the hippy folks around.

I am not really into the hippy thing, I was more into the big hair bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

If I am not careful, you can still hear me sing to the likes of Poison and Motley Crue.

Might even catch me head-bang.

I then remember that is the old self. The one that does not listen to that kind of music anymore.

You will find me listen to a lot more of the blue-grass type of sound, or even the likes of Abigail Miller.

That is what is on my MP3 player these days.

Me and hippy just do not mix,

But cute Peasant Dresses do.

Love that little tag. I cut a small piece off of a roll of vintage embellishments. I kinda thought it was cute.

It also help determine the front from the back.

And the hearts, Don’t forget the hearts.

By itself, it was a bit plain Jane type of dress.

I asked Casey if she thought it needed anything. She said no.

I still thought, it needed something.

I got this machine a few years ago because I wanted the fancy stitches, ya know.

The ones, I never ever use.

Except this one time.

Worth it.

All for the hearts.

Want to check out the tutorial? Head on over to Sew Much Ado blog for it!

Duck, Duck, Duck…..


Well, not really the goose part. As this post just does not have a goose.


This was hand-dyed about 10 years ago using Darhma Dyes. I am not even sure they are still around. But it is Canary Yellow.

The fabric is a rib knit from PRR ( Painting Red Rhinos ) They used to allow co-ops buy the extra fabric from their runs. But they stopped that years ago.

The pattern is a vintage Kwik Sew pattern.

Didja know that Kwik Sew sold out to McCall’s?

I am sew not thrilled. Not at all. They have already changed things, no more awesome paper patterns. They have gone to tissue paper.

Not thrilled at all.

Yes the word sew was intended. Just incase you did not understand that.

The hat was easy to make. Found it on my friend Tracie’s Pinterest board.
You can find the pattern and tutorial here. Easy.

This was pretty fun to make. This is for a friend of mine who is due any day with her little boy. Casey already has a sleeper just like it, I just need to make the beanie for it.


Me, I am done sewing for this evening. I am tired.

And full of thread. On a black shirt. I have white threads. Lots of ’em.


Hearts, Gingham, Ribbons and Bows, and Ric Rac, OH MY

Yes, this totally encompasses everything the title says!

Did I tell ya, cuteness?

Not bad for a first try either! I see a couple more of these are in the works!

This is The Reversible Wrap Dress.

This little Wrap Dress was very easy to make, even for a beginner.

I did go through and angle my ends of the bows and will get some fray check this weekend.

Did I mention both of these fabrics are older. Maybe even vintage

Ribbon too!

Ric Rac, not so. It was bought maybe 3-4 years ago. It was still wrapped in its cellophane waiting to be used.

I LOVE, ok ADORE gingham checks on babies!

This was the first time I have ever used Ric Rac and I did make a mistake. Can you see it?

All in all, I should have been able to do this under an hour.

But, if you are like me, get so excited that you make mistakes. I had to go back and unstitch a couple of places to fix the ribbons, and then I had to fix the hem. But,, I am in love with this pattern and totally see more in the near future.

Want to try your hand?
The Crafty Cupboard has a great tutorial!


Have you checked this place out yet?

It is full of great idea’s just waiting to be happened upon.

Pinterest is a good spot to put your bookmarks.

Sure, you could put your bookmarks saved on the computer.

But, computers die.

Which means, bookmarks are gone.

How many times has it happened to you?

Let’s see. I am working on three times now.

Not a good place.

So Pinterest I go!

My Pinterest

Have fun there.

Little advice, it is a bit addicting….


A lot addicting!