What is your “Heartprint”?

In the news, blogs, posts on Facebook, we hear about our footprint. What footprint are you leaving behind by driving a car, buying from factories that are not “green” etc. Buying from only “green” companies, buying used, etc…

But, do you hear,  about the Heartprint you are leaving behind with your children?

What will they remember you by?

How will they remember you?

Are you leaving behind a legacy?

What exactly is a Heartprint?

Well, just like a footprint coined by tree huggers, heartprint is a verb in my book, maybe an adjective. Or even a noun.

God calls us to bring up our children in the nourisher  and the admonition of the Lord.

As a mom, we need to provide for our children. What exactly does that mean?

As moms, we should want to nurture out children. Most moms do. The ones that do not, I refer to them as mothers. Not a mom.

So, now the answer. ( I reread and go back through what I have written to add or take away.)

Well, love for one. We need to love on our children. Spend lots of quality time with each one. Not exactly quantity, but make the time you do spend count.

Just today, I was making a batch of cookies and my wonderful 11 year old comes over and wants to help.

I sent him away, and he even had that sad look about him. For a moment, I felt bad. But not enough to stop and call him back.

I really did not think much about it, till the last batch went into the oven. I realized, I just ruined a wonderful heartprint moment. A moment where he could have been helping me, us together doing the cookies. It was nothing difficult. It was just a batch of chocolate chip cookies. But, I said no, sent him on his way.

Earlier in the day, I was putting up some towels on the line to be dried and he asked me if he could help me, that time, I said yes. And together, the two of us sang some hymns together while he handed me the wet towels. That was a heartprint moment.

He may not remember doing this, but I will for years to come.

Right now, while I am writing this post, I have a son taking towels off the line. I can see him through my window and we are talking. I am telling him a job well done and he is smiling. He loves to do this for me. A heartprint moment.

Again, at 15, he may not really care or even remember this moment tomorrow. But I will.

I will think back after they are out of the house, living their lives and I will think back to the good times.

I will also remember each time I said no to something we could have done together. Baking, cooking, sewing, playing, walking, etc. Each time I said no, when I did that the time, or I could have made the time. Seriously, out of a day, how long does it really take to walk a mile with the kids? What 2o minutes? 30? In reality of the day, not very much.

Chores can wait. They can. Go for that walk. It is a heartprint time!

Have you developed a time for devotions with your children? Doing them together as a family?

We used to, and it got waylaid for a long time. Little do they know, that tomorrow morning we start once again. We will together do our devotions. Another heartprint.

Your precious seeds will remember.

Are you a mama that is constantly yelling? Are you always a spanker? Or, do you throw them on some time-out chair?

Discipling your children using God’s manual is a good and effective way. Also, if you discipline correctly, and never ever ever ever ever never ever in anger. Your child in time will remember it and think back almost fondly. They knew they deserved it. But because you did not react in anger, they will one day say. My parents disciplined me when I deserved it.

I fail at that one.

Are you praying together?

Yea, I fail at that one too.

Do your children see or hear you pray for them? It makes a world of difference in their lives.

What does your “heartprint” say about you?



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