Away Time

I have been having some time away from my husband and one of my children.
It has been a bit hard this time around. While I love being away, the last time I was away due to an issue with a certain person who lived in our home and no longer does.
So, since this time, this is for purely pleasure, I find myself missing my husband and my oldest son.
A lot.

But, I love that I can take time to reflect on my life with my husband without being there near him and his usual habits that drive me crazy. It is the same habits I miss, except one of course.
I miss my oldest son, even with all of his violent behavior issues. I miss seeing him on a daily basis.

I will have some photos that I will upload next week when I get home. They are on the camera and I can not get them off of the camera until I return home.

We went to the local state park here and walked the trails. I swear by all ( if I swore) that they mis-marked the trails. I swear that they were longer than 1.3 and 1.1 miles. The first was the hardest and the later was paved and the easiest/ I also had to go over this really LONG suspension bridge that I had to pray myself through. I thought for sure I would plunge to my death. If I looked down, I got dizzy and felt very sick to my stomach. with that said, it felt like forever but we finished both trails AMEN. I think I sweated off about 10 lbs, if not, I want a recount of what I weighed. The paved trail was nice and every 200 feet there was a rest area with a small bench. Good for old folks and those that have a hard time walking distances. The other trail was very difficult for the beginner walking on trails.  It had lots of uneven terrain, up and down rather large mole hills.  Between the roots and the rocks and the snake holes, it was fun to try and go through them all.

Well, I guess we are going to Alabama and then Georgia on Sunday. I am looking forward to it. I do not remember ever being in Alabama before and there is a mall we are going to. We are going to church in Georgia, and I am excited about that too.

Till I post again…..



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