I’m Fat and I Know It

Yep, I am fat, and I know it. Just like the title says. I am a plus-sized woman, I weigh 100 pounds more now than I did 11 years ago.

But, it is well ok with me.

See, I am ok with being fat. There are a lot of positive things about being fat, and of course, there are a lot of negative.

I have been on a diet roller coaster longer than I care to actually think. For a few years I would imagine.

Do I like being fat?

I am learning to love me as a person, not me as what the scale says. I do not even own a scale anymore. The battery died in the one we had and I just never replaxed it. I am ok with it.

I have been married almost 11 years and my husband is my biggest supporter in whatever diet program I find myself on. Whatever I decide to do, he is right there with me. See he loves me, every inch of me. Inside and out. He is never negative at all towards me.

Back to the fat thing. There are also a few myths out there about fat people. One of them sometimes has to do with the amount of food we eat.

I can personally tell you about me, I eat less than my 15 year old son. He eats all day long and never gains an inch. He is under 100 pounds and has been like that for years. He can eat all day. Does not matter what it is. He just has a great metabolism.

Me, I can just look at food, and I gain the weight. Or at least I feel like I do. I eat smaller portions than the rest of my family. I eat more greens than my family. I also drink less soda as my family. Except for today, I was just dying for a Pepsi, so I bought one of those 1.5 liters and downed that bad boy. I feel way guilty too. I have to add that to my food journal and I know my doc is going to give me that evil eye. I just know it. It’s cool though. I will give it right back. Of course, he is one of them there vegetarians. But I love him, he is a good doctor.

The bible does not say that being fat is a sin, but overeating is. Bible teaches moderation.  Yes, I am fat, but other than PCOS and some controlled high BP, I am healthy. My heart is healthy, so are my lungs. I can still walk pretty far and can hike like the best of them. Sure, I have some aches and pains. I also tend to get out of breath once in a while, but that is only when I am not eating as I should. I notice, if I eat like I should, move around like I should. I do not get out of breath.

I am still trying to loose this weight, sure! Am I going to obsess over it? No,


Well, part of my past failures with this diet journety is I would obsess over everything I ate. It consumed me, and when I ate something like a small brownie or one cookie, I would belittle myself.

So not doing that again. I enjoy food way too much to make myself sick over it.

Having a cookie or 2, or a slice of homemade bread with fresh butter on it is not going to harm me. Having the whole loaf on the other hand, will.

Eat a little here, or a little there. No big deal.

God loves me for who I am.



3 thoughts on “I’m Fat and I Know It

  1. It is so true Ginger. You are perfectly on track. obsessing is a big no-no . And being happy with who you are right now is huge. It sounds like we have been on similar life journies in that area. Keep your focus on Jesus and he will help you.


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