I have not been as active as I want to be on this thing. I love blogging and I love reading blogs. Finding time to do both is hard.

I also get all kinds of great blog posts in my head, and when when I make time for them, they tend to no longer be there.

I just wanted to share a couple of photo’s. These were taken at the end of January. Up first is my son Adam’s Baptism and Cody’s Baptism.

They both have accepted Christ recently. They had done it before, but Cody came up to Pastor one evening afternoon and told him that he believed that he was not saved. Adam after a service one evening, came to me and had tears in his eyes, he also knew he was headed for hell. I am so glad both of them got saved!


On Jan 28, 2011 I went to a luncheon with Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies. It was such a blessing to go and hear her speak! It was such an encouragement for me. I took a couple of photo’s.

Wowsers I have a large head!

Nancy was so beautiful. She is also so tall. So much more different than what I imagined her to be. I imagined a short women!

Nancy also brought along her granddaughter Meadow to sing for us. Meadow has such a beautiful voice!

That is it from this dreary rain-soaked land of TN. Praising the Lord for it though!





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