Review: Fun, Ouch, as in Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

I am a Bzzagent. What is it that, you ask? Well, a Bzzagent is a person who gets to try out awesome products, usually for free, and all they have to do is Bzzz about them. You tell your friends, family, strangers, dogs, cats… Whatever about the product you are using. Sometimes there are samples, sometimes not. Sometimes, we get the free product and you as the lowly person that is being talked to can get a special deal. Just like the product I am about to tell you about.

First, the facts,

The new Philips SatinPerfect HP6576/50 epilator gets close to you so you can bare all with confidence. See how it’s done:

Extra wide ceramic head
Encounters and removes more hair in one stroke for long lasting and super smooth results in minutes.

Textured ceramic discs
Ensures even the finest hairs can’t slip through.

Unique active hair lifter
Uses subtle vibrations to lift fine hairs, making it easy to remove them – even flat-lying hairs!

Optimal performance cap
Pivots for optimal skin contact and optimal results.

Active massaging system
Massages, stimulates and soothes skin for a pleasant epilation process.

Reveals tiny, fine hairs clearly.

Illuminating smart tweezers
Integrated light and mirror help illuminate finer hairs for precision removal on facial areas such as eyebrows and upper lip.

Smooth in minutes, last for weeks!

The Facts on Epilating…

If this is your first time using an epilator, you may have a few questions. Well the folks at Philips were kind enough to give us a few answers. We weren’t too familiar with epilation ourselves, so they provided a quick introduction through some of their most frequently asked questions:

Is it painful to epilate?
When you are new to epilation, your first few sessions can be sensitive (comparable to waxing). This will decrease rapidly over time as your skin gets used to the sensation. Besides, less hair will re-grow over time.

Is it difficult to epilate?
No, you can do this at ease in your own bathroom or bedroom. Just switch on the appliance and start epilating from the bottom up, moving the epilator upwards against the hair growth direction.

What if I have sensitive skin?
The epilator is designed with all types of skin in mind, although Philips does recommend consulting the directions for use first. Your SatinPerfect’s epilation head has textured ceramic discs that grip even the finest hairs and have a hypoallergenic coating that is gentle on the skin.

Will hair grow back darker or thicker?
We’ve heard this myth a million times, and it’s just not true! Hair will not grow back darker. And epilation does not increase hair growth. What can create this impression is that higher summer temperatures influence hair growth. Blood circulates faster, which improves the nutrition of hair roots. With the Philips SatinPerfect epilator hair actually grows back finer, softer, and less often.

My Review

Ok, well, I am going to go ahead and review this thing. I love it. I am a sucker for pain I guess. It does hurt. But not for long, as you get used to it right away. But, it hurts. Some reviewers have said it feels like getting a tattoo. I have yet to get one of those. So, I can not tell you if that is what it feels like.  I have gotten my eyebrows waxed before ( need to again) and it is sorta like that in a way without the violence.

The first time I tried the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, I was like yea, this is so not happening. But, after finally getting through the first leg ( IT HURTS ), I decided to just do the 2nd leg. Can’t let one leg be full of hair ( it is winter time for crying out-loud.) and one not, ok! But, I did it and was for the most part impressed. It rips the hair out of your skin. However, to be fair, it does not get my leg as smooth as using a razor. However, that being said, the only person touching my leg is my husband and my OB/GYN… Ok so, therefore, I am not worried about it being as smooth.

I did have to do it again the 2nd week, even though the brochure says that your legs will be hairless for like 4 weeks. The hair that was there, was much smoother, not as course. I was also able to do the epilator on both legs and my neck ( I have PCOS ) under the 40 minute charge on the thing.  It came in this cute white zipper pouch. You can see above what comes with it. It is also very easy to clean up.

The 2nd time using the epilator, it also was very noticeable that it did not hurt as bad, and my legs are smoother than they were the first time. I am on week 2 again and at the moment still do not have a need to use it again. I see this as a win win. We women take long in the shower due to shaving. So, this is a water saver! Which makes my hubby pretty happy!

So, where can you get this awesome product! Well, Amazon has it on sale right now, just for you folks! So, click HERE .

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2 thoughts on “Review: Fun, Ouch, as in Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

  1. Virginia, I hate shaving because it makes you feel all prickly. It’s scary using an epilator the first time. The sound it makes is very intimidating. It does feel like a tattoo the first time, but you are right it does get better.


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