The Beginning…..

The beginning of a new path, well, sort-of a new path. I am beginning a weight-loss regimen.

I have been to the doctors. Yep, my Christian doctor. For which I am very thankful that the Lord put into my life.

An update on my health, My Bp was up today, 150’80, so not good. But overall, I am pretty healthy. Doc went over my numbers from my last blood draw and other than the good  cholesterol numbers, it looked great. The good C is not terrible, but with some exercise it will go up. He upped my Metformin ( for my PCOS) to 1500mg daily and I continue on my bp meds.

Doc gave me some papers to check over and told me about some local programs that are free that I can join.  I have a lot to loose. I weight 320 ( down 2 pounds from last month) And I want to do it in a year and a half. I want to be at my goal weight of 150 by my wedding anniversary of July 21, 2013.

This is the plan, I am still going Gluten Free. With that, I am cutting out soda’s. All sodas.

My doctor wants me to keep a food diary as well as an excerize diary and meet back with him in 4 weeks. So, on Friday, I plan on buying a small tablet that will fit in my purse. I thought of using my phone, but we plan on changing phones here in a month or so, so I am not sure if I will have an android type of phone or not. So, I want to have pen and paper. I also plan on to update through one of the many online programs. I am not sure though which ones I will use. I have used Sparkspeople in the past and I am looking at FitDay at the moment. So, I will have to update this post when I find one that I like.

I also do still plan to use The Lord’s Table. With the Lord’s Table, I really enjoyed the feedback I recieved before. I also really enjoy getting into the scriptures that deal with being overweight.

At a local church ( not the one I attend) there is a fitness center and they use P90X style workout and that is twice a week, so with my husband’s aproval, I will be attending this. This actually scares me. The church also has a walking ring and many different machines. I am excited about that part. The best part, is there is a free community time. So, I hope to be able to do this as well as many days a week as I can. On the days that I can not do this, I have a walking DVD that I will be using. Walking Away the Pounds I believe is the name.

I want to be healthy, I have said this much before. I am again looking at Weight Loss Surgery. My insurance wants me to do a 6 month diet program. I rather not have surgery, my doctor does not want me to have surgery. So, my goal is NOT to have surgery. However, it might be in my future.  But, starting tomorrow, I am beginning this new adventure full force. Everything I do, will be set around me getting healthy.

Want to join in?  Link up in the comments.

I am going to add in this picture, I am the same weight in this photo as I am right now. So, it will work for me.

Weight 320


6 thoughts on “The Beginning…..

  1. Yes, Ginger, I will be praying for you as well! You are SO right, it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit!

    Have you ever heard of the hcg diet? It is what I am currently doing and I have several friends that have had great success with it and have kept the weight off. It has also helped women with PCOS and hormonal problems. Might be worth looking into. The first couple of weeks were really hard on me mentally (I like to eat!) but now that I am seeing big differences I am having a much easier time and really feeling motivated. It’s also about learning to eat healthier and make long term lifestyle changes. The actual “diet” isn’t tied to faith at all, but I can tell you that for me it is very deeply spiritually impacting.


  2. All the best with this. I truly believe that if you eat God’s intended way the pounds will disappear ~ but in saying that I’ve never had to battle my weight until fairly recently. I’m blaming menopausenot my addiction to sugar!☺


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