I am not much for change, as in, I love it, but at the same time, change makes me scared. Not as in I saw a spider scared but maybe wondering of what is going to come next.

See, God and I had a conversation today, it went something like, God why am I a failure at this parenting thing. He of course reminded me I am not a failure and he reminded me that he careth for me. But, there are some things I need to change.

I need to change some bad habits. I need to make some good habits.

I deactivated Facebook. ……


I know, I hear ya, I have done this before.

I need time to reflect. I need a moment to remind myself what my job is. I have to get a grip on my personal reality.

I need a better relationship with My God! How are my children going to learn to love God and put Him first when I am sorely not doing well in this area.

So, if I am blogging, great, if not, that is good too.

What’s even more amazing is that while I writing about change, I just wrote my 200th post on this blog. Yeah Me!



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