So, since about 85% of PCOS sufferers have issues with gluten, I am going to do a trial next month, of 2 weeks, but wanting to go the entire month of nothing but gluten-free items. We are also going to try caisson free as well. My son Cody is going to join me in this trial. He has PDD-NOS and has some nasty violent moods lately. So much so, we have considered calling the police on him.

Some of the sites we plan on learning from and gaining recipe’s and experience from are:

Nourished Living Network~ It is relatively new.

Cooking Traditional Foods

Health Home Happy


I look forward to new adventure. I hope to blog about it, but we shall see. We plan on starting next month. I have a couple of weeks to research what I need to purchase.


6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free

  1. Calling the police does help. Actually, I would request an ambulance and an emergency psych evaluation. I have for Jay, who also is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. It made a huge difference. It tells these kids that our world does not revolve around them. It is our choice to raise them and love them. We also have the choice to send them to somewhere else. We had issues with fire-setting, too. A trip to the fire chief and viewing the graphic video that the fire dept. uses for troubled children, sent the message exactly as we needed. We also eliminated the ADHD medication. We have had no major episodes in 2 years, since the medication change. He takes only 2mg of Risperidone and it curbs the aggression. The rest is parenting, consistency, and repetition. Good luck with the gluten-free thing. I can’t wait to find out how it works for you.

  2. We had our boys (4 yrs old) on a gluten free diet for most of last year. We don’t eat much gluten anyway so we’ve slowly added a few things back in (for example – using soy sauce versus tamare sauce) and I think it’s been a decent change all around for them. Good luck!

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