Sewing To Do List

I decided to post on my blog what I am planning on sewing in the coming weeks and months. I have quite the list. Some it will be done, some will not.

I think I want some sort of accountability. So, I hope to find a sewing blog that does a link up or such once a week. If not, maybe I will do it?

Anyone want to do a link up or know of one? Let me know in comments.


To Do:

10 baby sleepers, various sizes for the granddaughter

10 dresses various sizes and colors

burp clothes

flannel wipes

2 Maternity skirts for Casey

jean skirts for a couple of girls I know

2 skirts for me

PJ shorts for the 3 boys, 3 pairs each

PJ shorts for the husband

Arm bands for the husband for work

Headband thing for Jamie for work

a couple of tops for me

baby outfits for Casey

purse for me and one for Casey

Crib sheets for grand child,

a fitted sheet and top sheet for my bed??


While I am in the process of sewing, I really need to straighten my sewing area up. Go through the items I will use, and donate, consign, or sell what I won’t.

So, that is my short list. Hopefully I can work on it and stay at it. I want to sew up my stash so I can replenish it.


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