Mt. Washmore

There are the daunting days of overwhelming desire to hire a maid.

Like today, I have a huge desire to hire a maid. One that will cook, clean, do the laundry, put away the laundry, and take the dogs out. I am feeling overwhelmed today. But I figured out why, I have not taken the time to spend with Jesus, nor have I prayed yet today. So, before I finish this post, I will go and do that.


And several days later, I return to write the post I had intended to write on Friday. So, a mere 6 days later.

Mt. Washmore I think is the bane of every stay at home mom’s existence. It is never ending. I personally hate to putting it away.. I love washing it, I love drying them., I really do not mind folding them, putting them away is a whole other story.

How do you keep up?

I try to wash 2 loads everyday, a minimum of two loads. Sometimes more, sometimes a LOT more. But no less.

I use my own laundry soap, though I do have a supply of laundry soap I get fairly cheap as well.

I use a half of Bounce dryer sheet in the winter to combat the static cling. But the rest of the time I use vinegar in my downy ball.

As soon as my husband finishes my clothes line, I will be hanging up laundry outside, thus cutting out the need to run the dryer all day. Just the unmentionables and socks will go in! Yea!

So, how do you do your laundry?


3 thoughts on “Mt. Washmore

  1. For 8 years, hubby and I have lived in places without a washer and dryer and I needed to go to the Laundromat. In NYC, in South Georgia, and in Pensacola. 2 months ago we moved to West Palm Beach, FL and we have a washer and dryer in our unit. Gone (for now) are the days of hauling 40 lbs of laundry to and a toddler twice a month to do laundry all day long. I will GLADLY do it every day. I did 3 loads today and all I have to put away is the socks and underwear. It is splendid!

  2. My laundry room consists of the laundry sacks (hampers), 4 baskets, washer, dryer, a clothes rack for all of the children’s hanging clothes, a wall-length shelf for the girls’ shirts & culottes & the boys’ shirts & jeans, & seven small baskets line one wall for each child’s socks, underwear, & jamies (girl nightgowns get hung). When laundry comes out of the dryer, I deprecate boys & girls underwear & socks in 2 separate baskets – my oldest son is responsible for folding the boys’ & putting into each of their baskets. 2 oldest girls are responsible for girls’ stuff. I fold & hang up all outside clothes & put them on shelf or rack. Having it all there in one place saves a lot of time. Basically got the idea from the Duggars. As far as towels & sheets go, I wash & dry those, but 2 of my children are responsible for folding & putting away.

    • that sounds wonderful, we can not do that in our home and my laundry area is in my mud room which then leads to the outside. Each room has either a basket, or a laundry hamper. Clothes are supposed to be put in there. Then as I run and get what I am throwing in the wash. I have a basket in the kitchen for all towels. I have a tiny home around 1000sq.ft. Someday, if it is the Lord’s will I will get a laundry room like what you described.


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