Reviewing Products

I would love to start reviewing products here on my blog. Maybe even host a give away or 2. I think it will be a wonderful way to connect with my readers. I have been reviewing products since 2002 for various companies. In my home, I have tried out and then reviewed products such as garbage bags, paper towels, toys, and even ice cream.  Many of them, I was not able to blog about because they were test products not released yet on the market and so I was unable to speak of them. Just fill out surveys and wrote up reviews for the company.

I love trying out new and exciting things! It also saves me a bit of money. For an example, I did a test for a toilet paper product. I was sent a months worth of toilet paper. That means, I did not have to purchase toilet paper for my family for an entire month. In the end, I was paid for my time, I was given free product and all I had to do was use the product, and write a review and fill out a survey. Easy.

I am working on a disclosure for my blog. If any of my readers know how to go about doing so, could I bend your ear?



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